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    With the craze for the last 2 years in England with onesies selling in the shops I've been asking all family and friends for them as now it's ok as everyone are wearing these days, I do like the plain colours so I can put a baby motif on them! So I'm now never short in what onesie I will be wearing at nights.

    So question is! as other AB's finding it more easy to walk in to a shop and buy a onesie?

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    There isn't a craze over it here, but if they had one around in my size, I wouldn't care about walking in a shop and buying one. At the same time though, i don't really care about walking in a shop and buying diapers anymore either, at least if i know that i don't know anybody around. If i did know somebody around and i was buying a onsie though, i still would.

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    All shops are selling them here now and my best friend that knows I'm a AB said he would not be caught in one and now he as a few as like I said everyone are wearing! but most of my baby and toddler clothes are remade from clothes I buy from charity shops, like the bib and brace over suits, I will make in to play suits, or shorts that look babyish I will put some elastic in the hem to look like baby pants, baby vests are easy made. As over the years I've spent so much on baby clothes and learn to make myself, these AB shops are far to costly.

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    by onesie do you mean the body suits with snap crotches? or do you mean footed sleepers?

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    Like these that are selling in the high street shops! not snap crotches but they are nice when sew a baby motif on them and have a nice bib don't know how to put a photo on! but the ones in the shops are just the all in ones.

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    I have a couple of Jumpin' Jammerz that have the old style zipper that go all the way down the leg for convenient diaper changes. I love them.

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    Yeah, a few years ago it was just Primark but now they are everywhere.

    The Next kid's ones go up to age 16 but that is actually huge and will comfortably fit a normal sized adult. The adult ones I don't like the design as much. Also seen them in Topman, all the department stores, M&M Direct, ASOS etc.

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    yeah those things have been quite popular for the last 5 years or so lol, in fact i recall them being popular mostly among women until they decided to market to men, but as far as adults wearing footed sleepers, its been popular for quite some time now. At least in the US it has, im not sure if maybe the UK was new to it until recently.

    They are literally popular among all age groups, but mostly its teens and young adults.

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    There may be a craze for them everywhere, but the one's i have are the traditional baby style ones with front poopers and zippers down the back, been wearing them for about 6-7 years, don't think I'd go out in them though. Just bought a dinosaur one from Awwsocute, can't wait until it comes.

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    Yes they are new to the UK as it's was only babies and toddlers retailed for but 2 years ago where selling for woman and then just last year a boom came out for men onsies! not like the mans as much as I think the woman's are more babyish in style. But still love my old ones better with poppers that I've had for many of years, love walking to second hand clothes shops as it's amazing what you can find the can be altered to be baby or toddler wear

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