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Thread: Stealing diapers

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    Exclamation Stealing diapers

    Recently I have become a Diaper lover. To get my Diapers I have started taking them from my fiancee's house, her mother is sick with ALS. She doesn't need them all the time, only when they travel to the store, or a doctor appointment, usually they will sit for a year or so untouched. Morally I know this is wrong, but It seems the only way possible without getting caught.(I only take 1-3 from a full pack of depends)

    I need guidance about this.

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    Do you have any of your own money to buy diapers? Your fiancee would flip out if she finds out you have been stealing her mothers diapers. I highly suggest you buy your own diapers instead of stealing them. It will feel more rewarding and you can buy whatever brand you want.

    I'm not going to be a hypocrite because I used to steal diapers as a teen.. But now I look back on it, I wish I didn't shoplift them.. The risk factor is crazy! If you are truly struggling to find any other way of buying diapers, please PM me for advice. I understand the very strong urge to get diapers can impair judgement on how to get hold of them, but stealing is not the option.

    So I understand how you feel, but from experience of diaper-theft, please stop taking your fiancee's mother's diapers. Wait until your next pay, and buy them legally. More rewarding, more honest, and you will feel better about yourself.

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    shame on you!

    honestly, it's more than simply morally wrong: you steel from a person who NEEDS the product and has payed for it.
    The frequency of product need doesn't really matter.

    I'd be a good bit more understanding if you'd be like 12 years old....
    but at 20 you ought to be a good bit more resourceful.

    I assume you have some sort of income? I assume you can at least ride a bicycle? Or maybe even a car? or Public Transport?
    I guess you know that there are PO Boxes, Parcel pickup locations, etc.?
    I do guess you know a deal or two about online shopping?
    or just grow some balls and go to a medical supply store with a duffle bag.
    ... there's a hundred ways to get YOUR OWN diapers without stealing

    I know it's not like stealing food from a starving family... but still...

    Also just imagine HOW AWKWARD getting caught would be.

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    As forementioned, it's not the best idea (besides there are far better diapers than Depends to be had). Going out and getting your own stash isn't as tough as it may seem and as stated there are multiple ways to go about it legitimately, and if it was me in the position of having the chance of being caught red-handed I would rather it be with diapers I bought and paid for myself rather than through ill-gotten means, my own brand of paranoia says you never know if people could have a camera set up to catch you in the act

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    Don't mean to take away from the more immediate topic.. but the fact that you are engaged and keeping it a secret to the point where you are stealing them from soon-to-be mother-in-law, is ALREADY a problem. I would recommend you at least tell her first... because if there is anything worse than getting caught doing something as morally and ethically wrong as this, its getting caught and having her freak out for the reason that you are not only stealing diapers from her mother who needs them, but you are stealing diapers in general.... i know I've probably gotten annoying on ADISC for having said this so many times, but be honest with your significant other, ESPECIALLY if you plan to marry them, you are fooling yourself if you think you can hide this for what may look like the rest of your life.. and live stress free. Its not worth it.

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