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Thread: Thinking about buying some bins or a chest for my stash.

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    Default Thinking about buying some bins or a chest for my stash.

    I currently have my bottom drawer dedicated to diapers and often times i have enough space. But I plan on getting a case of bambinos in January and another case of Cushies February. I want to get something that will store them all safely from my cat. So what would be the ideal size for all of this? I also want to decorate with with babyish stickers etc. But I don't know how to go about that. So overall give me some advice!

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    I've got these 49 qt tubs by Sterlite that hold a open pack of diapers. They are approximately six inches deep by fifteen wide by forty long and slide under the bed. I've got three of them to hold my open packs.
    My full packs I just stack in the corner out of the way. I don't have a pussy cat to get into them.

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    Any kind of tubs will work good, I personally have a closet that I keep all my disposables in so no tubs needed, no one sees it but me anyhow, a nice organized shelf all in order! I did get some smaller ones for external catheter stuff that I use fairly often, didn't spend more then $30 on all of them, must have at least 6 or so now. I am sure Target or WMart type stores would have something you could use, and not too much money either when they are on sale! :-)

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    Walmart has great plastic footlocker things in the storage tote isle that will hold 3 to 4 packs of adult diapers AND !!!! have a place for a padlock. About $20 each. I have two now.

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