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    Hello my name is John and I'm from England, hope to get to know a few nice friends here. I do like my beach fishing doing a lot of match's around the coast, also I do made clay animations just for fun as I love playing with plasticine or play dough. hope I'll be made welcome

    Been a AB for as long as I remember and missed being with close friends that I've lost over the years and joined to see if I can find old and new AB or DL friends. I do love roll playing and I'm a kind and gentle as a daddy or being a toddler!

    I'm happy to talk to the same sex or opposite a female, I love being pampered and making a fuss over. Just like any toddler in play, I like doing most things as a toddler, playing and wetting. Over the years I've think I've have it to a fine art in regressing or being a daddy to another AB. I'm always welcomed to start talking on skype when we get to know each other well.

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC! I am also an Englishman- Sussex to be precise. They are quite a few of us on here. Do you wear a nappy while going fishing? It's probably a convenient combination when you think about it

    Again welcome to ADISC!

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    Hi thank you for your welcome yes I like to wear a nappy when I'm fishing, like you said it's convenient, as specially in a match as you don't want to be moving away from your rod, as you just might miss that winning fish! and any Angler will say, it's a pain when wearing chest waders and taking them off, so always wear in them. A few years ago now my fishing friend said would be a good idea to wear a nappy in chest waders as a joke, I just smiled and said yes, as I was wearing one at the time. Hope in time as I get use to being here, I'll have a nice talk with some on the members in the U.K. Not had a good look at the posts yet but thank's again for you welcome

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    Hi! Welcome to ADISC! I am an Asian from Hong Kong!

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    Hello hkdiver nice to meet you and your welcome towards me to the forum

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