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    When I awoke this morning I was met by an urge to use my camera on myself and then send something to a fetish site... My urges led me to dig into my box of 'emergency' diapers, having been deprived of their use due to financial reasons.
    They still await me on my bed as I type this, and before-so for a good 30 minutes.
    Current thoughts now revolve around wishing to go out and be around others, and the very notion that other ABDL's like myself actually 'live' in Milwaukee is a very foreign concept and has felt this way for as long as I've lived in this city.

    I want to meet others, but don't quite know the means to do so.

    "I am dissappoint"

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    Which fetish sites are you looking into?

    A cursory review of Wisconsin on Fetlife's A Massive FetLife ABDL Groups Link List - By Location post shows there's about 9 groups in WI, and one ageplay group specifically in Milwaukee. A lot of these groups seem like they're pretty slow; I'd join the ones that interest you, and try to start off a conversation with an introduction. If you feel safe, it can include your desires to meet other ABDL's. Milwaukee TNG may also be a good place to start, if you fit the age requirement. TNG Groups are fetish/lifestyle groups for The Next Generation (OR The New Generation, I've seen it both way), and usually have age restrictions (18-39 for the one in Milwaukee).

    I know also have state-specific forums, which may be working out.

    Just please, use caution. If someone sounds too pushy over IM/text/e-mail, they are probably jerks. If they refuse to meet in a public place for, say, lunch first, they may be trouble. If inviting a stranger to your house from the internet sounds dodgy, it's because it is. Being a normal guy who can talk about things outside of the lifestyle will show you're a well-rounded person, and get invited back (usually).

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    1 word: Fetlife - you wont regret it as long as you look past the creeps.

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