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Thread: OK, I gave in and bought one item on Friday...

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    Default OK, I gave in and bought one item on Friday...

    I admit it, I went out and bought one thing at, of all places, Walmart. My wife and son had found that the Nintendo 2DS my youngest wanted was on sale there for $30 less than everywhere else. Couldn't find it available online, so I told my wife she could drop me off out front of the store and I'd go get it.

    Went in at about 11:30 a.m. on Friday. They had barricades that had obviously been set up for the night before, but there was absolutely no use for them at that point. It was slightly crowded, but not too insane. I went back to the electronics section and found a long line for the electronics counter--turned out it was for people to get the iPhone 5. Not what I wanted.

    Found a guy who was getting stuff out of the locked cases of games and stuff, they had half a dozen of these left, so I asked him to get one for me. He pulled it out and walked me over to the photo department counter to pay for it. One person in line ahead of me, paid for it, got my receipt and headed out.

    There was a Walmart employee at the door checking bags and receipts, I just walked right past him without stopping. There is no legal basis for you to submit to search upon exiting a store like that. One of my friends I work with used to work security for a major department store chain while he was in college and had the store's attorney explain to him exactly what you need to do to be able to get a shoplifting conviction.

    I tried to avoid it as much as possible, but my wife wanted to buy the one item for our daughter, and it was twenty minutes in and out, so I wasn't too traumatized. Nobody fighting over towels or cheap appliances that I saw.

    Still got a laugh over all the videos of what people would fight over that were posted on Saturday.

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    I bought DVD's Season 5 of breaking bad, Xmen first class, Hunger Games, Django, Hugo, Pitch Perfect, MIB3.

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    I needed flash drives for work. Stopped by staples at 7AM, pretty much deserted. Got 2 flash drives and 2 SD cards because they were on sale , in and out in under 10 minutes. I also bought 2 flash drives from newegg because they were on sale, and I have shoprunner so I get 2 day free shipping.

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    I went to an Old Navy near my house, not a very merch-crazy area of my city, calmly bought a fuckton of casual clothes since I have like NO clothes >_<. I ended up going to the mall at around 1 AM after dinner because my SO wanted to buy some gifts for when she visits her parents in South America. It was a surprisingly well-mannered and calm Black Friday... I would dare say I'm pleasantly surprised to see that people chose to be civilized this time around... especially since I'm in Miami... people here are usually NUTS.

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    i had to work. i got part time at gamestop so after i clocked out i bought a ps3 at 60% off + 20% employee discount + 10% power up pro member discount (since it was preowned) so i walked out with a 120GB slim for $35 and some change

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