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    I hope I don't get into trouble for this, but since a lot of you like Bambino Classico printed I thought I'd pass on that Bambino's is having a cyber sale (Diaper Cyber?) on them December 1 - 3. 15% off!

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    I think the mods will be alright with you doing this as long as you say very little more about it. your obviously just trying to save people money right? and well that is a supportive thing to do and we are a support community after all. you see I think the moderator's are more interested in the SPIRIT of the rules here regarding advertisements then the LETTER actually. just don't over do it and let people figure out on their own if they want to save money by going to the site themselves. it does no harm to simply take a look and figure things out for themselves when you think about it. honestly I already talked about this openly in the chat room because I wanted to try some of those diapers out myself for the first time and I just happened to be making inquiries into their performance.

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    That's what I figure. It's more of a public service announcement and I have absolutely nothing to gain by advertising the site.

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    Thank you! I wish the Teddy's, Bellissimo's, Bianco's were included. But there not. That's what I wear. Hey.... Why would the mods get upset????

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    I am probably a bad influence for doing this buuuutt... Paypal has this credit card that if you spend over 99$ you dont have to pay it back for 6 months with no interest either xD i bought both cases LOL..

    I'm terrible >.<

    Im sure the mods wont mind since you arent necessarily advertising bambino, but instead are alerting the community of something that is on sale for the sake of informing fellow ABDL's about discounts on our favorite products xD. Im sure even the mods might be taking advantage of this info heehee

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    From Bambino's website: Due to overwhelming response to our Cyber Sale, your shipment could be delayed up to 24 hours to process. I see this as a positive in that maybe they will have more sales. And that there's a lot of us out there!

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