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Thread: Does wearing 24/7 make you smaller down below

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    Default Does wearing 24/7 make you smaller down below

    I've been wearing 24/7 for over two years now and think that my penis and testes have got smaller over this time. The issue that left me incontinent has also left me infertile and I struggle to get any form of erection any more. Does anyone else in the same boat, or could offer advice?

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    I've been wearing diapers 56 years for incontinence, and my genitals still work as they should and have not shrunk. So I doubt that wearing diapers in and of itself is the cause of the problems that you describe.

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    Have you recently gained a lot of weight? Every 35 pounds is equivalent to about an inch of penis size.

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    I'm smaller down there. I know also that I have low T and I contribute this to my age. I'm not really concerned about it.

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    Doesn't work that way..

    I've worn diapers all my life (IC) and my Johnson is of happy sizing and functionality still

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    No scientific evidence or stats to back this up. I just remember bits and pieces that I heard and read over the years.

    The testes are outside the body for a reason. A colder environment is needed for sperm production and storage. People who wear briefs instead of boxer shorts tend to have more incidence of infertility due to increased temperature. Makes sense then that diapers would be a cause for even higher amounts of infertility.

    As for size of your members, I would think the more likely cause would be from age and lower hormone levels than from the actual wearing.

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    Hmm i've been wearing 24/7 for nearly 2 years I've yet to actually reach incontinence and my member hasnt shrunk. Perhaps a dr visit may be helpful for you.

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    Been wearing for a long time...on and off 24/7...

    Now, I have no kids...but wasn't ever trying either...

    But, size...and function is fine.

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    You mentioned that you had an issues which caused you to become incontinent. Might i suggest that you look into this and what medications you are taking for this. I know for a fact that there are medications which cause infertility and changes to size/function of the penis. Might be a good idea to look there and see if there is something there? Otherwise, like others have suggested it may be due to a change in your sex hormones (testosterone) in which case it might be a good idea to see someone about it and have some tests run.

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    I have had two operation on my bladder and prostate. These have left me incontinent and unable to ejaculate and virtually no erection. Since the last op I do seem to be getting smaller, but this may be due to the operation or perhaps just to getting older?

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