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Thread: Hand out your Christmas gifts to Adisc users.

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    Default Hand out your Christmas gifts to Adisc users.

    Alright, I didn't see this thread yet, sorry if I missed it. Basically like last year this is a thread to give your gifts to Adisc friends. Not Christmas yet but I'm unsure if I'll get the chance to later. Merry Christmas to everyone!

    To Marty: A plane ticket to an anywhere, for a nice long vacation.
    To Unfused: A brand new bass, bass amp, and a computer to call your own. :p
    To Digital: A nice record deal.
    To Avery: A new fiddle and an electric guitar set, with a wah pedal.
    To MM3: Another computer worthy of being added to your rig.
    To Christhefur: A nice fox fursuit.
    To Peachy: A year supply of Dr. Pepper. :p
    To Ayanna: A lot of food, movies, and a nice warm, soft, and cozy blanket.
    To Mzkkbprmt: A new fencing sword, and plenty of rubber bands to play with/dismantle
    To Tsendo: Lots of food and such that you'd like, and a new laptop.
    To Trevor: A watchdog for the chat. ;p
    To Pramrider: One of the finest prams you can find.
    To Shippofox: A 2,000$ giftcard for games and such.
    To Point Blanch: A better internet. :p
    To Hypnotoad: Froth, and lots of it.
    To Icey: A card to get three free teddies from Build-a-Bear.
    To Kevintje: The ability to shock people over the phone.
    To Lukie: The day off for Christmas Eve and Day.
    To Maverick: A free vacation ticket to where ever.
    To xdeadx: A few free plane ticket flights.
    To Maveru: Claudio.
    To Your Worst Nightmare: Another puppy for more fun. :p
    To Titus: More time to be online. :P
    To Kovalchuk: A lot of hockey game tickets.
    To The Sun: A mind eraser. ;P
    To Kraiden: A paci making machine.
    To Akira: The rest of Coheed and Cambria
    To Chillhouse: A special protective case for your prised first guitar.
    To Skinnypuppy: The worlds ugliest dog.
    To Priest: The finest anime gear.

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    Okay...lemme see...where to begin...

    Marty - a day with more hours, so he has time for all the things he has to/wants to do
    Kef - a phone that only calls out, so he doesn't have to receive calls from the morons at work
    TG - a lifetime supply of shampoo and conditioner (Cousin IT needs to keep his hair silky and shiny)
    Peachy - money money money - and his very own streetcar!
    Zyphy - free tickets...anywhere in North he can go visit his many and wide-spread family members
    Rance - a new cape (all superheroes need a cape!)
    Pramrider - an adult size pram, with extra-strength suspension and racing stripes
    Avery - some pretty lights for his tree, that flash in sync with his fiddle playing!
    Jack26 - a ticket to Canada so I can meet him at the airport and yell "HI JACK!"
    Andysetra - a wood stove on which to warm his toes (and a buttered rum) on cold winter evenings!
    Charlie F - a pair of boots and a tail-warmer to go with his hat & scarf!
    Hypnotoad - a pair of dark sunglasses, so he doesn't hypnotise everyone!
    Chevre - his very own mountain
    Lukie - more time off work to play on ADISC
    Kraiden - a lifetime supply of plastic and latex for his paci-making-machine
    UnMarth - a gift certificate to the airline of his choice to fly anywhere in the world to visit whomever he'd like to visit!
    mzkkprmt - a bucket of vowels!
    Trevor - a new trench coat & fedora
    Your Worst Nightmare - a sleep chamber so he can't get out and get into others' dreams!
    Priest - an automatic name-changer that will change his name randomly at least once a month

    If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry...I'll try to make up for it next year!

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    To Abigail: 1 truckload of books.
    To baseball4life: Chicago Cubs season tickets.
    To christhefur: Some better diapers than Depends!
    To Crassi: A Soviet-era rocket launcher and tank! LeninCertified™!
    To Cubby: Your first diapers and a ride in a silver Volvo.
    To DarkSunDS: The Fap-O-Matic™ Fapping device made by Fap4UInnovations™.
    To diaperedbabygirl: More stuffed animals.
    To diaperlover93: The complete collection of all B-Movies.
    To diapeybabybrian: A real, live Yoshi!
    To Hexaod, wherever he may be: My old RuneScape account.
    To Icey: Even more Anime.
    To Kitcat: All the Star Wars movies.
    To Mitsukuni: Again, some better diapers than Depends!
    To Mr Alex: Some Tranquility ATNs, so you won't have to steal mine!
    To Pojo: The Joy Of Cooking Steak cookbook.
    To redtails: A real chemistry lab.
    To Secret: A brand-new guitar.
    To Shu: 1 truckload of Pampers.
    To spacemanBEN: U2 by U2 (a book, it's got some really cool pictures and info!) and Vancouver Canucks season tickets.
    To The Sun: A gigantic Japanese flag and FullMetal Alchemist Season 1.
    To the-ownage: Every U2 studio album.
    To tiger2: Stalingrad, the movie, of course.
    To Tommy: More Pampers Baby Dry 6.
    To Your Worst Nightmare: A brand-new pirate cutlass.
    To Zodiac Pup: The latest in video games.
    To Zyph: An Applebee's gift card. (Joking! OK, a real live TIGER. Better?)

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    In no particular order:

    To Marty - a T-shirt with this on it
    To Zyph - the best electric guitar set up ever
    To Trevor - the worlds luckiest set of dice
    To Avery - the ability to come on IRC earlier
    To Charlie F - a watch that makes sure he turns up on time
    To Priest - a guide to comedy
    To Lukie - whatever band of his choice giving him a VIP individual performance, also MORE TIME OFF WORK
    To Peachy - a train set, as in the one on my card
    To legobaby - a giant lego dragon
    To Jack26 - Some time without anyone else in his house
    To dannytheninja - a set of computerised katanas
    To Target - a big microphone, a kareoke and some booze
    To Abbigail - a pet pink monkey
    To xdeadx - a publisher for his stories
    To Maverick - the ability to make his Mum listen
    To Jammie - the ability to be the Doctor's assistant/the Doctor - as he wishes
    To Hypnotoad - an all you can eat buffet
    To Manveru - 'Fitter Happier' pn a loop and all the weed he wants
    To Takashi - all the hugs in the world
    To Tommy - Chealsea football club
    To baseball4life - a bit more height
    To kevintje - an interesting job
    To UnMarth - a supercomputer to play about with
    To Jon93 - the ability not to go into school the one day he was planning to this term
    To ayanna - a big neon sign saying "I'm RIGHT"

    And finally to our lord and master, Moo - a big red button that in one press will destroy the entierity of the chan empire

    If I have forgotten anyone, would grovelling at your feet and performing whatever acts you so wish surfice as payment?

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    OMG, someone gave me something!!!!!!

    *feels so fucking loved*

    To Zyph - A Family Guy Season 1,2,3 BOX SET. hahahahahaha
    To Peachy - A Peach
    To Yumi - Some Food
    To Kovalchuck - The New Thrashers third jersey
    To Incomplete Dude - A Brand new Sleeper with Puppies and Doggie Bones
    To Martin - A bugs bunny plushie
    To Pojo - A gallon of Milk
    To Baseball 4 Life - Season tickets to the CUBS for '09
    To Trevor - A Ban Hammer
    To Mandi - Incomplete Dude's Address
    To NE Jay - A "get out of Suspension free card" to use at
    To DarkSun - A Peace Pipe, packed with some green
    To Kraiden - An autographed picture of Hugh Laurie

    To everyone else I forgot - A big fat hairy Hoo Hah
    Last edited by diapeybabybrian; 24-Dec-2008 at 17:22. Reason: added Kovalchuck's gift

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    Abigail - A tazer with a video camera to post your victums on youtube.
    Ayanna - To have your own personal doctor that will come to your house in 30 seconds flat!
    DannyTheNinja - All expenses paid trip to the 25C3
    Charlie_F - Mr. Bush caught in a pokéball to add to his collection of pokémon.
    Chevre - Some nice new bushes and boulders for your hills.
    DarkSun - Some more Hydrogen, before you turn into a black hole!
    Hypnotoad - A quantum tunnle, be careful though you may find yourself trapped in another dimension if some one tries to find where you are.
    Icey - A bigger contact list. Becuase you've filled it to the limit with the amount of friends you like to make.
    Jack26 - A years worth of maths trivia weekly subscription.
    Lukie - Some Gabber albumbs and More time off work.
    Marty - A comftable set of clothes that will make you look like a bad ass yet remain cool.
    Moo - Some hay, just the way you like it. And cattle feed if you like that too.
    Mzkkbprmt - A much more complicated cypher to use that will return the value of 'NappyKing' to 42 :P.
    Peachy - Nicely polished shoes.
    Preist - Socks, as he needs to change them more often than his nick.
    Trevor - A nice hat to match his avatar.
    Yumi - Some kandi merchandise.
    Last edited by recovery; 24-Dec-2008 at 21:13.

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    Point: A unicorn made out of glitter
    A roll of wire
    D&D for dummies
    An alternate universe where stairs were never invented
    A pen, that flips itself
    A Loudspeaker in the event of another riot
    Charlie_Eff: A maid... outfit
    Mzkkw/e: Lifetime supply of Tango
    Toy till register, with plastic coins
    A tazer

    Anyone not on this list, a pristine lump of coal. Polished coal for anyone that gave me a present.

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    Matrix Blade


    Let's see
    Cubby- a book on the history of theater acts and the guide to surviving hurricanes.
    ashley. eskimo- a date with Johnny Depp
    baseball4life-a Chicago Bear's Jersey
    Jon93- A nice new iPod
    Candyman-Ummm... healthy food
    Mesmerale-A book on football (American)

    And to everyone else:
    A merry Christmas and diapered life

    Merry Christmas everyone!

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    Eddy: A complete Crow costume
    Mandy: A new cellphone, named Robin
    Snap: A cat
    Digital: A mixed tape
    Me: A new username
    Matrix Blade: A truckload of old fish
    Yumi: Something that could possibly make The Organization fuck up
    Peachy: Chocolate

    Tell me if I talk to you extensively on my profile. I'll give you a gift if I didn't.

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    Candyman: New razorblades and a bag of pot
    Figz: A Real Life Mudkips
    Ashley.Eskimo: Some Good Diapers
    Pojo: A Giant Stuff Cow
    Peediaper: CD and Goth clothes
    Diaperedbabygirl: Stuffed Animals and Some baby clothes
    Mitsukuni: New Drawing Stuff *Paper, color pencil, etc*
    Icey: Triple H and Shawn Micheal Teddy Bear
    Snap: another cat
    Moo: A Meme

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