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Thread: Advice On Diaper Pails?

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    Default Advice On Diaper Pails?

    I am considering getting a diaper pail so that I do not have to worry about the smell if I can't get to the outside trash can.
    Does the baby ones work for adult sized diapers? Diaper Genie Essentials was rated as one of the best for stink control.

    Though I do not plan on keeping dirty disposables around longer than 24 hours. So I am thinking I need to ask for opinions.
    As I am trying to avoid the cost of one, and still have some peace of mind. Like not having to run outside in the cold of winter to dispose.

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    Spring Top Waste Cans with LinerLock
    I have that in white and another similar model with liner locker in white for my disposables and cloths. That specific one can be bought at walmart or homedepot. Just put garbage bags in it and you're done. It's less than $20 with tax.

    And even with a full pail of cloths and disposables (night before I take them out) I don't smell anything, though the closet it's in is about 55-60F vs the 70'ish in my room.

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    I have this one and it is made for both baby diapers and adult diapers! Dekor XL Super Capacity Diaper Pail This one works great!

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    I also use the Dekor XL. It works pretty well, but the lower door will pop open easily if you overstuff. The bags used are proprietary and rather expensive, but do last a while. It does a decent job keeping odors in, but not perfect. It is the best baby style diaper pail that I have found so far.

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    I have tried the diaper pail thing but found that it was more work then i wanted to do (liners and having an extra trash can). so here is what i do now whenever i change i use gloves. once i put on my new diaper i fold up the old diaper and grab it in one hand and invert the glove over the diaper, then repeat with the other hand. this seals the diaper so no smells get out. here is a video from prevail that shows how to do this

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