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Thread: cuddlz! one tab?!

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    Default cuddlz! one tab?!

    Ok not many of you will know me. Mainly lurking and posted in the welcome section.

    Just a quick post/review. Last night I tried cuddlz for the first time in like 3 years (the last time I used them they only sold plain white ones) I decided to treat myself from the usual tena slip maxis or abena m4's and have something much more babyish.

    The first thing I noticed when I took them out of the packaging was the designs! I got the all over printed ones and they were incredibly cute! I unfolded it and started to put it on when I realised there was only one tab either side. I hadnt been expecting this as thought the only adult nappy to have single tabs were the ab universe nappies. I managed to get a nice tight fit securing them on the landing zone.

    I was surprised with them during the night being only a single tab I was expecting some issues with fitting but they did surprisingly well! I didnt suffer any leaks after a few night time wettings and they stayed close to my body and legs through out the night. I did notice a slight clumping of the padding but in no way did it feel uncomfortable.

    Overall I may have been an idiot by not realising the single tabs when I ordered but I was impressed with the surprisingly quiet cuddlz

    Has anyone else has any experience with them recently if so I would like to hear what you think.

    Also for sizing I have a 31-32" waist and the mediums fitted like a glove.

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    Haha that's not something you hear/read every day "My diaper fit like a glove."

    But anyways I've noticed the one tab, however I haven't had the pleasure to try them myself.

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    Cuddlz have switched to have one tab? I love single tab nappies! I wonder if the plain white nappy has the single tabs as well.

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    Those one tab diapers are interesting. Never knew about Cuddlz till now. I might actually buy a onsie from them, and anything that peaks my interests.

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    Thanks for this post! Good to hear...I can't wait to try these myself.

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    Well they did fit ever so well i dont know if I just managed to fit into the perfect bracket.

    With regards to the all white nappy your best bet is to drop them an email or read the description. I bought a sample pack on a bit of a whim whilst looking at various things including sdk's so I could have just missed the description explaining that they are single tabbed.

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    Well I just checked them out and I think all of their stuff is pretty cute I'll certainly be looking to try these sometime

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    I wish i could buy some But the cost of having it shipped to me is painfully pricey. In the checkout window, it came out to 58$ for a 10 pack, all because of the shipping =/

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    I am quite a fan to be honest and will probably be ordering more when I need to buy some more nappies. I thought bambinos were basically the same. Also cushies have a single tab so you could try those I suppose.

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    Cushies and sdk also have only one tab, and I too thought they were the only ones. cuddlz are really cute and I may try them someday. It's just how expensive they are to get shipped to me... it is really great news to hear they are single tabbed though c:

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