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Thread: SAP getting into urethra?

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    Default SAP getting into urethra?

    Yet another one of those awkward-visit-to-the-doctor scenarios you want to aviod:

    I was masturbating in my diaper, (Abema M4) and I thought- every time I choose to use a diaper to full capacity and then masturbate, some sap beads break free from the pulp.
    So- What are the chances of one of those getting into my rather exposed urethra when I masturbate and causing an infection or whatnot?

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    Like nil... zip... nada...

    Even if... it would be flushed out.

    I did this for some time during my late teens... but then it got boring (the diaper...)

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    I would think very low, There seems to be no mention on the Internet of super-absorbent polymer having any sort of toxicity and as said, it would just be flushed out. In the past I have... done things, where SAP could be forced in there, I've never had any problems with SAP filled with bath water and fresh urine. Still wouldn't recommended putting anything up there.

    Maybe different if you have messed as the fecal matter contaminated SAP could plausibly cause a urinary tract infection.

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    Wow. You should ask your doctor. Please record the look on her face and post it on will be a hero!

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