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Thread: What should I get?

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    Default What should I get?

    I was thinking about purchasing something more babyish? I currently am set for diapers, but I am not sure what else... something small-ish, because I do still live with my parents... any reccomendations? Is the nuk 5 as good as everybody says it is?

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    Sleepers are awesome, folded up they fit almost anywhere. Like under a bed under some clothes in a drawer.
    I got a nuk 5 silicon one from pacifiersrus it was pretty awesome until I broke it
    A small teddy bear (like 9-11 inches) is pretty nice to sleep with.
    Ummmm.....That's all the stuff I can think of that could be somewhat hidden.

    I'm sure you'll figure a few things out
    Good luck!

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    Fun pajamas or tee shirt plus sleep pants you can still feel little but fly under radar .
    As long as you pick the right prints.
    The trick is you know how your famley is .
    As for plushies your gril friend gave you one then its ok to have like build a bear with out fit on bear that is what your in to be it sports or stuff like that.

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    I love footy pajamas!!
    Abot nuk 5 i have one....confirm is great sensation, i like it very much, sometime use all the night long!

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    Ive have never had a nuk5 but wish i had one but a nuk3 paci is alright its not the same by no means but still an opion

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    I've bought footie PJs, leopard and zebra prints, from the womens section of Target. The super Targets, aka Target Greatland has the biggest selection. They are soft, warm, comfortable.

    I've bought from a couple of unmodified white NUK5. A lot more comfortable than the biggest pacifiers you can get at say a Target or Walmart.

    I've bought a couple of plushies, one from an Easter display at a local supermarket and another at a Toys-R-Us.

    All the above I sleep with at night.

    How about some toys, they don't have to be expensive. Jacks, marbles, crayons and coloring books.

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    A nuk5 is pretty darn great, at least that is how i personally feel.

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    Some baby size samples of lotion, powder, baby bath would be able to fit easily in the way back to your underwear drawer or somewhere like that. Good luck, bye

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    Crayons, colouring books, bath crayons, baby pacifiers (no they aren't as comfy as an adult one but they are cute and fun, I like to collect them!), plushies (anykind, personally disney and jellycat are my favourites), blankets, blankies, baby blankets (make great blankies just for snuggling with), teethers, pull ups (underjams ect), sippy cups, bottles, and toys ^_^ Have fun and good luck!

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    Plushies and bottles like has been said before. Personally I would love an activity carpet and a rattle too.

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