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    it appears the site wants me to introduce myself..
    SO here it is : I'm living in Seoul (but I am French), and I rediscovered my DL side a couple of years ago. Found that there was a huge community on the net, which of course made me see things under a wholly new perspective. I am fortunate that I can enjoy my desire to be diapered quite easily, my girlfriend is very comprehensive (most of the time) with this side of me...
    It is quite easy to find diapers in Seoul, but I prefer the ones I bring from Taiwan. They are kind of funny decorated, plastic backed, quite efficient and well fitting DrP models (but they also have plenty of other good ones there!)
    If anyone is in Seoul and read this post, please make contact?

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    Welcome to ADISC! I actually used to live in S. Korea as a kid (1998-2001). Itaewon-dong in Seoul near where the U.S military base used to be located. I am unsure whether that base is still there now though. I was too young to know about adult diapers when I was there, but I have been to other asian nations as an adult and discovered a gold mine in some countries. What do you do in Seoul? Do you like living in Korea?

    Personally I loved, and still love Korea. It's a beautiful country, north and south, although not the case politically. The culture is gripping and the food is delicious.

    Back in May 2012 I hosted a thread about being a DL in South Korea after some bad press was released by local newspapers. It's worth a read:

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    Hi, thanks for the post! The base is still there, as sprawling as ever! But SK is changing fast, including mentality of people.
    With regard to your post, i have also seen this information, which is cloned in many place and seem to be all you can get on the subject of 'South Korea;DL' in English. I am not sure what to make of it. After all Deezer is barred here. And also any porn site unless Korean in origin. I guess the guy at the 'bureau' found DL too kinky. Did not take time to check what it is about. Korea is the land of 'palli palli' (quick quick), so it got erased. Kind of non event.
    Life for a DL in SK does not seem to me to be any different than anywhere else (ecept Japan, maybe). After all, this is something you want to keep to yourself about anywhere no? I have bought adult diapers in the supermarket, in pharmacy stores, on the net. Admittedly, I did not underscore the fact that I just wanted to enjoy my fantasies, and people were happy not to ask the embarassing questions. Like everywhere...
    Nice to speak to you, route leader. Actually North Korean would like your pseudo
    Coming to that subject of NK, I happen to be very wary of the posts of the good american thinking people who are submitted to as much propaganda as the north Korean people, only they do not realise it. We are so much better at it than they are! We are so much better at everything!

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