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Thread: Best Plastic Backed Diaper?

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    Thumbs up Best Plastic Backed Diaper?

    Overall best? I haven't tried Dry 24/7s yet...but I'm guessing I'm going 2 like them the best. I liked the super dry kids, but being like a 31" waist...the mediums were a little big. I think they have a size small tho. Anyone try them? I haven't tried the original bambinos yet. But I did try the was 2 stiff between the legs. Granted it could hold a lake...2 stiff. Do the original bambinos have less material? I haven't tried Cuddlz either...They seem like they'd be great. Has anyone here tried them?

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    "best" could mean one or several of many things, depending on what you want in a diaper. Some want discrete, others want thick. Some want quiet, others want crinkly. Some want looks some want leakproof. Some don't care about price, others care, and for many price is a big concern. Your question is about as impossible as "what model of car is the best?"

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    In your option...what and why? For me...good fit and most like vintage plastic backed baby diapers are the best.

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    In my opinion I would try sample packs of the various sample packs from sites like XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies and then make your decision on what works for you.
    I use Abena M3's and Tena Slip Maxi's. I like Dry 24/7's but their not in production at the present time.

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    Tena Slip Super's/Maxi's and Abena M4,s in my opinion are the best plastic backed diapers, i wasn't impressed with cuddlz's

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    How long is a rope?

    I like Dry 24/7s and Abena x-plus, but I like a thick diaper. Your own mileage may vary.

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    My favourite would absolutely have to be the plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form M4. Top performance and incredibly comfy! Nothing comes close...

    After that, the Kolibri Komslip is great -- wonderfully thick plain white plastic, reasonable tapes (could be stronger) and, although the padding is a little firm it feels great.

    Tena Slip Maxi aren't too bad either... although they have a slimmer "bikini-style" fitting, as opposed to the fuller coverage of the Abenas.

    For indetectable discretion, the Attends Slip 8 are very thin...

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