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    I'm surprised that no one else has made a thread on this yet, but anyways. Must people think it's so annoying when phone soliciting machines call their phone. Even more annoying when a person tries calling. It's the most annoying when they try to argue with you.

    Don't get me wrong, I've never argued with one( I politely say no thanks to what they're offering and hang up). And I know somebody has to be one,so I mean no disrespect.

    What I'm trying to ask is what do you do when a phone solicitor calls you. Do you hang up politely, yell at them, ignore the phone, or reverse the tables and pull a prank on them. Explain your stories.

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    If I answer, I say my parents aren't there and hang up. But in future, if I am near my computer, I am sooo going to RickRoll one!

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    I hang up as soon as I see its a computer and sometimes if I am feeling hyper I say "Blockbuster Video." or "Pizza Hut wat you want!"

    I only due that since I have Caller I.D. :P

    Oh oh.. another great thing to do is pretend your REALLY interested in their offers and then say you got to look for something and you will be right back. Then you walk out of the room with the phone on mute and go about your day. Come back 15 mins later and hang up.

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    i annoy them and act like a 15 year old cali girl whos hyped up and just got home from a giant choping spree. they never last long enough...

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    for comcast customer support i used my mexienglish slurred speech and for a business inquiry phone call i got at my old job i just lied about the questions and they took the answers as fact until they asked how we send and recieved messages and i said messenger pigions and she just broke down and laughed.

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    I put them on hold and leave the phone on to never be picked back up.

    Soundboards are fun to, especially with the 1/2 input jack that I installed on my home phone so that the boards come in clear. Shwarzneger and Chris Hansen are my two favorites right now, but the Jack Black one is growing on me hahahah.

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    Simple. I don't have a land line phone and they aren't allowed to solicit on cell phones. Thus, I never get solicitations.

    However, when I lived in a college dorm we used to get them. My roommate used to turn it into a prank. He'd do stuff like give out fake information and then when they'd ask for his SS# for billing he'd give out the wrong number of digits or something stupid. That or he'd have to go suddenly. He'd always give some excuse.. like one time he yelled "Holy crap, I have to go. My room mate is packing fudge like no other!" and hung up. Or he'd say he'd have to talk it over with his people who handle these things, etc. It'd always end in something where he'd pretend to be interested but had to go, so they'd call back another time. He used to have a pretty good following -- he'd have the neighbors all down in our room cracking up at him.

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    Well, seeing as I am on the state no call list, they are not legally allowed to bug me. So in the event that they do, I simply hang up mid sentence, with maybe a little fun first.

    "Hello, could I interest you in side panelings?"

    "Maybe, could you descri--HOLY SHI-*hang up*"

    This is usually followed by me laughing my ass off.

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    What I do is when the call I start talking to them in spanish then they transfer me to the spanish speaking person . When they start talking to me I start speaking english so the transfer me back I do this 3-4 times then I hang up. I'm usualy :rofl: :lamo:

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