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Thread: What Do You Do For Work?

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    Question What Do You Do For Work?

    Curious...what does everyone do for a living?

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    Website hosting and design

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    I am a "failed" Electronics Engineering Technician.

    Last job I ever had was back in 2001, and I was "fired", simply on the grounds of being a "Homosexual".

    We adults with Autism are mostly "unemployed", between the ages of 18 to 65.


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    I was an electronics technician for about 12 years, now I'm going to school full time for engineering.

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    I'm a scientist and work with viral hemorrhagic fevers (e.g., Marburg, Lassa, Ebola, etc. Right now we're just doing Dengue but should have Yellow Fever soon too.

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    Retired! 30 + years as a electrician and 20 years small engine mechanic.

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    I'm a classical musician and a soon to be retired educator. Woohoo!

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    Software engineer at a large high tech firm. 59 weeks until early retirement. As you can see, counting the weeks.

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    Retired marine engineer, who just loves life, people, a nice tooheys beer, thick cotton diaper (nappy) and secure plastic. Have fun

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    I do things and stuff. :<

    Mostly work as a
    "Sales Associate" in training for other things.


    Game tech for a Entertainment place (think arcade)
    Done Concessions for a Food place
    Done Porter for Food place
    Done Machanical stuff for bowling machinders (A2's mostly.)
    Freelance Buisness owner (1.4ish mil Rental Business)
    FireworkStands(I did everything.)

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