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Thread: does anybody like to wear diapers when out skiing?

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    Default does anybody like to wear diapers when out skiing?

    does anybody like to wear diapers when you are out skiing? What is it like? Did you change during the day or soak a diaper ?

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    I've never done it, but if I had the opportunity, it would be a great idea! So much hassle to get all the gear off to go pee!

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    I haven't ever worn diapers while skiing but it seems like a great idea to be able to pee without removing gear, especially on longer slopes. I'll try it next time I go skiing.

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    I've never been skiing, but those all-in-one snowsuits look awfully like toddler clothing! I want one!

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    Hello! Yes for sure!
    Several times. Great fun. Wetting diaper while sitting on a chairlift up the mountain is a wonderful, exciting feeling.

    The clothing worn obviously covers visibility and sound completely, and as long as changing in public restrooms isn't a problem for you I would always recommend wearing!


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    I haven't had the change yet to wear while skiing but someday i will try it

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    Yes I have! And plan on doing it every time I go from now on. I go snowboarding and love wearing and not having to get off the slopes to go to the bathroom. Snowboarding clothing definitely covers up any diaper, even very thick ones. Last time I went I wore a Dry 24/7. I usually stay on the slopes for about six hours or so and then leave. Depending on how wet I am I will either stop at the mcdonalds down the mountain and change if I'm very wet, or I will just wait until I get home. I'm very excited for this holiday break so I can go hit the slopes padded!

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    I LOVE skiing in diapers! I have since I skied in diapers as a kid. One of my favorite diaper memories as a child is when I was 6, my ski instructor thought that I wet my pants during lunch. As I remember it, I spilled alphabet soup on myself, but my teacher didn't believe me. He took me to the baby changing room, changed me out of my wet snowsuit and underpants, put me on the floor, and fastened a thick fluffy diaper on me. I remember being in heaven the rest of the day, and getting home and my mom being like...WTF? when she saw my diaper. Ever since, I love to ski in diapers, and often ski in thick ones to avoid having to change while out.

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    Its one of the best solution I've found, makes it really nice to not have to get off the slopes to pee, but I still take some breaks every 1-2hrs to warm up with a hot chocolate and sometimes a Red Bull to make sure I get the energy I need. My main problem for me is to put them on and take them off, the extra small bathroom stalls in ski centers aren't the best places especially with a snowsuit and ski boots on... I have to put them on before leaving my home and have a 1-3hrs drive depending on where we go, since I can't drive ( small eyes problem, unable to have a driver license) I have to rely on members of my family to go there, and even if most of them know I wear diapers for fun, they don't know I wear them while in public with them, so its a challenge to keep it a secret...

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