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Thread: How many times have you been denied?

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    Default How many times have you been denied?

    Recently I was browsing around on FA and I was trying to get a picture drawn. I was just trying to get a simple diaper picture done by some none babyfur artist that I liked their art style.

    Well every single person denied me and told me they do not draw diapers except for one. Now I respect artist wishes for not drawing stuff. I myself refuse to draw anything sexual, but some of the people that denied me drew vore stuff, and it like just baffled me. How can someone be willing to draw that kind of stuff, yet say no to a cute and innocent pic.

    I said whatever and moved on.

    The next time I saw someone making moving avatars and I signed up for one. The artist was a kind of cartoony furry artist. I love cartoony stuff, and have always wanted to get something like that done. Well when i asked him if he could add in something like a pacifier or a diaper or something, he denied me. I told him not worry about it since I liked the moving avatar regardless of what it was wearing, but it just made me realize how limited we are.

    Like idk it just doesn't fit into my brain it is like people are like:

    cute = good

    cute + diaper = bad

    every other sexual thing = good

    diaper stuff = bad

    Like I understand people have preferences but someone who draws vore should be able to comprehend how we feel. Like they know people will not draw their stuff, so they should know how we feel.

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    I'm sorry, but the world is a weird place. I wish the same as you do. Maybe you will come across someone that would do it. I have seen what you are looking for on deviantart before.

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    I remember at IFC there was an artist in the Artists alley that had a big ol sign on the booth that said "NO BABYFURS PLEASE!!!" when asked about the sign, the artist replied that Babyfurs creeped them out.
    now don't you think the sign was a bit much? I can understand that many people aren't comfortable with us, but whats wrong with kindly telling people no if they ask for babyfur art?
    Several of my babyfur friends at the con thought the sign was a bit of a rude gesture and we felt it was kind of like how many businesses had "whites only" signs posted during the racial segregation days back in the sixties.
    even my non-babyfur friends thought it was rude too!

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    Ikr? I hate the sexual furry art, babyfur or otherwise. They'll draw sick fucking rape scenes involving pneumatic dildos and rubber ball gags, but god fucking forbid they draw a cute non-sexual picture because a certain article of clothing is "wierd". I don't get it.

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    I'd say to each his own...

    The thing is this: EVERYONE has their personal limits... sometimes what for one person isn't even worth blinking twice is utmost over every limitation for the other person.
    And I guess we all have to respect this.
    You ask someone to draw something for you... fine, but hey the artist has the right to say no, if he/she either doesn't like the request, isn't comfy with it etc.
    It's a personal decision.
    Some might link the image of diapers on a "baby-fur" character too far into pedo shit, especially if they do not know.
    Some might not want to be associated with that specific life-style etc...
    Some might just not feel comfy for whatever other reason.

    Sure superficially it seems a bit hypocrite to draw explicit bdsm porn on one side, and then say hell no diaper stuff on the other side.
    But if you look at it with the "personal comfort zone" view, well it can be too much for some.

    As a different example - my Girl and myself we're quite into BDSM... (we don't lead a BDSM lifestyle... but it's a big part of our shared sexuality and sexual enjoyment)...
    But for me, the one area I'll NEVER get into, never would be part of, or even "touch it with a 10'-pole" -> HUMILIATION. Neither "giving" nor "receiving".
    It is just something that would go against everything I believe in terms of respecting each other etc.... can't do it.
    My GF would be ok with it, even would be "into" it (receiving) - but for me, it would make me feel really WRONG.

    Someone else might look at me and say: Damn, you've got no problem with pretty kinky and pervy shit - but a bit of humiliation "play" is too much? hypocrite.
    None the less... to me that still remains a basic "hard limit".

    About the sign:
    That's a bit "borderline" in my book... on the other hand if the artist gets asked to draw babyfur-stuff 20-times a day and it's really against his inclinations, then I can understand the motion behind it.
    Although arguably it would have been better to pin a list of stuff he doesn't do, aside from just singling out one thing.

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    Even though they are furs they are people so we are not understood as with all persons.
    I tryed to commission a cub fur suit same thing very few will do one . They are open minded .
    It will take time until more get to know us as long as a few bad apples dont do things things that put us in a bad light.
    One con I went to a panle had a big sign no bronys it was a horse panle.
    The sad thing is they missed a chanch to teach the like of other horse's not just MLP

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    i have to agree it is one of the stupidest things around but such is life i suppose

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    It is really annoying and dumb, but there is not going to be a way around it for a while probably. Have you tried looking for artists that have already drawn pictures with fur's in diapers already? That's what i did. You can probably assume that if the artist doesn't have any pictures with babyfurs or diaperfurs in their albums, then they probably wont draw a picture with a fur in a diaper.

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    Cowardly as it may be I won't enquire about having a babyfur commission done tame or otherwise unless the artist communicated they were comfortable drawing that sort of content in their commission info/already having diapered characters in their gallery, saves any awkwardness on both sides.

    Fortunately we have a good number of talented artists who are okay with us.

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    Im just gunna say this and sigh

    "Looks like some one had a pretty terrible childhood or just watched to much TV"*sighs*

    Yea,blame media and stigma for that.

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