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Thread: What is your alternative ?

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    Default What is your alternative ?

    I had this questions in my mind for a few weeks, what is my alternative option(a get away) if I do not have the opportunity to wear diapers or due unforseen circumstances. For me I would focus my attention to something else like I would go for cycling, or something that keeps me occupied like reading novels. Thus what is your takes on this matter ?

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    Could you please be a bit more specific about your living situation so we can help you?
    Why you cannot get the opportunity to wear?

    Your suggestions would work. Just do something to keep your mind off it for a little while.
    I will come back later when I get back home.

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    I find the most important aspect of this to be in my head, so when I was unable to wear for extended periods, fantasizing took up the slack. That certainly doesn't beat the real thing but I found it a more effective substitute than denying the urges altogether. That sort of thing was harder to manage acceptably when I was denying myself but with the beginning of self acceptance, my urges began to be more manageable.

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    This usually means I am otherwise occupied and unable to indulge. But as Trevor has said, for me it's always there in my head. When I'm on the down low so to speak, I'm usually enjoying cool diaper dreams. Which kinda fuels my desire for when I am able to indulge again.

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