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    So my living situation is this. I live on my own in a apartment. So I am not worried about casual visits seeing my stuff. I would have it in my bedroom closet anyway. Though people do walk into my room once in a great while, and I would like a bit of privacy. Like concealing what is inside something like this.
    3 Drawer Cart

    I use white trash bags to line everything I put my nappies in so that they stay clean. I am doing the same thing with the storage drawers I already have. Though I do want something that I can optionally padlock. That item I linked to is what I am considering to get for my stash. Though it does not have a way to lock it. Another thing is they can be taken apart anyway with some persistence.

    I'm not so worried someone would purposely force there way into it. It's just that human habit is to open things. A simple lock preventing the drawers from opening would work.

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    I've got two of those carts that I bought at Big Lots for half the price. I don't store my diapers in them but I do keep my supplies in them. I've got three plastic storage tubs that I keep my disposable
    diapers in. Those slide nicely under the bed and are not visible. I keep my cloth AIO's in a dresser drawer where the air can get to them and keep fresh.

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    I am already aware about under the bed hiding, and those very large storage totes with a lid.
    I do not want to use those methods for practical reasons. I'm only interested in pull out drawers and/or
    cabinets with shelves that have doors on them.

    I want easy enough access to it. Pulling things out under the bed, and unboxing storage totes would be a hassle.
    Especially if I want a quick change. So based off that if you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it.

    Thankyou for your input though.

    Oleman72: I'll checkout big lots see if they have those totes. Thankyou for the heads up.

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    I recall when I was 12 storing my plastic underpants in between my mattress and the box spring. I mean really, who walks into someone's room and lifts their whole mattress up to see what might be there? My mom changed my sheets one time and I looked afterward and they were in the same location (middle of the mattress) so maybe she never really got the mattess up high enough to see anything? It did unnerve me a bit so I put them underneath all my underwear and I figured if one of my friends ever happend to wade through my underwear drawer and see them I could claim not knowing and they must have been left over from many years ago (and then ask him why he was rummaging through my drawers - ha). I figured after wearing protection at my best friend's house for a sleepover and the neighbor lady telling my parents and my mom & dad never saying anything that it was OK for her to see them as she probably took the attitude that I must be sleeping better by wearing them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JOCKMAN View Post
    I recall when I was 12 storing my plastic underpants in between my mattress and the box spring. I mean really, who walks into someone's room and lifts their whole mattress up to see what might be there? [snipped].
    Aside from under the mattress being a total cliche of a hiding place, mattresses should be flipped periodically to prevent uneven wear. I guess a twelve years old could be excused for not knowing that but it's part of why they're not very good at hiding things.

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    I've seen locking desk drawers on some nice, but expensive desks. It would be nice to find a wooden chest of drawers with locking drawers.

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    Well, first I need to explain: I'm not living at my own apartment right now due to a terrifying roommate that I have. He's broken into my room twice.

    Therefore, I hide all my stuff in my locked room, in a closed closet, on top of a very tall shelf, in a suitcase, with a luggage lock on it. This is horribly inconvenient, though. If you want something that can be casually locked, you could use a little key lock and something like a suitcase or backpack under the bed. It's pretty difficult to hide things any bigger than a deck of cards...

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