So I posted a few weeks ago about attachment items. Well my wife decided read that post. needless to say due to me being in a bit of a tantrum mode the original post was more of a "all about me" and I didnt think to what her thoughts were going to be when she read the post. She didnt take it very well. After the storm ended and I am believing she understands now what certain items mean to me and how they no way take away from her.
She got on ebay and selected a blue/blue NUK style sheild pacifier that she thought i would like and showed me. I did get a bit scared at first when she brought it up, due to past situations, She said she liked another one but it was out of stock, Mam style shield, She also said she would like me to have more than one. so to make a long story short I got 2 new Pacifiers this week.

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Moral of the post,
Dont give up

on a side note, has anyone tried to use Candy flavoring while boiling their paci to help with the taste of the Latex? Next one will be silicone.