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Thread: Prep for my first 24/7

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    Question Prep for my first 24/7

    Hey all, been lurking for about 2 years now, and figured I rejoin the forum.

    I wanted to try out going padded full time. I was hoping some 24/7 wearers could give me some advice on what materials are needed for about a month of full time diapering? and the potential cost?

    A couple of factors:
    I'm a runner, so I'm well hydrated.
    I am terrified of rashes, so I change a little more offen the I probably should.
    I wear mediums.
    I need a nighttime, daytime, and thinner diaper for running and work.

    Thanks a ton for the input!

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    lots of physical movement is always hard on diapers. running is probably best done in good-fitting cloth pullups. You don't want thick or plastic.

    I get rashes on the insides of my thighs from friction sometimes. You need to think about that if you're going to be running in padding.

    Work gives you more options. Overnight, almost anything goes. You probably won't be settling on just one kind of diaper for all three. Select two or three well-suited for their use.

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    Daytime: Tena maxi medium (new product on xp medical) is what I use.Its good all day long without falling apart. Although with the extra movement I also recommend abri fix cotton fixing pants. These are both sold on xp medical and the combo will give you the confidence to go out for the day.

    Rashes: Use diaper rash lotion during your active day. Any stuff in the baby section will work. If you start to see any red spots that look like the beginning of rash you need to use a anti fungal cream which is basically athletes foot cream sold at walmart in the foot isle. This will stop the rash within a day or so if you catch it in time.

    Nighttime: Abena abriform m4 with fixing pants if you move alot.

    - - - Updated - - -
    This will be your best friend when you have diaper rash. If you cannot buy this buy some name brand stuff with the same ingredient. I do not use this unless I have to because I do not want to get used to the medicine in it. It is like taking an antibiotic use it sparingly. I hope my info helps. Happy thanksgiving

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    I don't know what to tell you to use if your gonna be running but if not running then use what ever suits you buddy but I use just about anything

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    Quote Originally Posted by malix View Post
    I am terrified of rashes, so I change a little more offen the I probably should.
    I'd recommend finding something cheap and low capacity to wear around the house in that case. Depends fitted (or sometimes called protection with tabs) can be obtained for less than 50 cents/diaper and they'll hold one wetting easy. In my experience they work great as a kind of in-between diaper when at home, e.g. put one on when I get home from work and wear it for a few hours until I'm ready to change into a higher absorbancy diaper for overnight.

    As others have said, the plastic backed tenas are great. They are a bit expensive though, so that may not work out so great if you want to change frequently. Abena M2s might be nice for you due to being cheaper and thinner/lower absorbancy. Abena pull ups might even be usful for running, as you can easily take them off to shower after you're done and then put them on again without worrying about tearing plastic or degrading tapes.

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    ABU super dry kids are on sale at 25% off today, and if you use the coupon code abudiaper15, the cost is about 70 cents each if you buy the 80 pack case. I've had them before, and plan on using them for my 24/7 "trip" I'm planning.

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    I could only jog with a diaper when I had a thigh gap. There is just all kinds of chaffing going on down there now. =>.>=
    Kinesio tape on my thighs helps to cut down the chaffing sometimes. I've also smeared the inside of my thighs with KY... =O.o= that just sounded bad...

    If you need to wear, then often just an incontinence pad will be enough when you're sweating out most of your liquid. But if you're choosing to wear, you'll have to experiment to find one you like. All the things that make diaper wearing awesome tends to make exercising in them.... problematic.


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