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Thread: Is anyone here into a dead/obscure religion (or a practitioner of magick)?

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    Default Is anyone here into a dead/obscure religion (or a practitioner of magick)?

    For various reasons, I've adopted the worship and praise of Horus, mostly because of the extreme misconceptions regarding Christ, and also because I liken the divine energy of the infinite soul to a magnificent and grandiose golden hawk.

    Magick has recently become an important part of my life (which you probably know if you've read my blogs), and it was through magick and ritual that I discovered this important shift in perspective regarding my feelings toward life and my own existence.

    I would love, love, love to hear about any magick that is practiced by any users on here. I know NateSean is one such practitioner...

    Right now I'm trying to manifest a certain individual into my life using a combination of sacred geometry and for WHO that individual is, that has to be kept a secret. It's probably superstition but I don't want anyone to know who it is in case the ritual defaults on itself.

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    If there is someone practicing or using a religion it's not dead...

    Myself, my nearest religion would be pagan...but, I'm not a serious practitioner...

    I over many years, in many cultures have a different outlook on religion...

    I'm not a true believer in gods per se...but I am a believer in cosmic balance...

    Call it karma, or what you want...but there are forces beyond our ability to understand, and tho these forces are yet to be quantified, they do exist...With that I don't believe that it's a god but more shifts in energy that define things...

    When you go to what we call the start for this discussion...there had to exist either energy, or consciousness...

    So, what existed first, chicken or the is born of the other...and the odds of both at the same time is not likely. If you believe energy, you'd lean towards science, consciousness you'd lean towards religion...

    Both have thier place, and neither is wrong...although millions upon millions of people have been killed over this very issue...which in my lifetime will likely never be answered...

    Every theory science has given us has a hole in it...take even light speed being the fastest...there is a loophole already being used in that theory too...nothing can travel over the speed of light...but if it's can travel over the speed of light...just as example.

    Religion has holes too...they are mostly explained in ways of god created the world in xxx time...the theologists say that the concept of a day to "god" isn't as it is to a mortal...just an example...

    So, what's the truth...

    Neither science or religion en mass has the full answer...

    In that being seen first hand I've went another way, pagans believe in honoring the land, air, sky, elements, and spirit, etc...each as thier own, and not following a dogma handed down or a written scripture per se...

    I believe in respecting our own selves, our environment, and what has come before us, and what will come after us...and we born into physical manifestation are learning the balance needed to continue our journey.

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    may I respectively request permission to find out what extreme misconceptions regarding Christ you are referring to?

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    Wonderful topic!

    I was raised under the Christian belief. Namely 'Baptist'. I remember asking questions of the 'Sunday School Teacher' that caused more than a few 'Parent/Teacher' meetings, and things sort of went downhill from there. I was forced to attend religious services while in Boot Camp (yeah, go figure. Yer 'Right to practice' your religion doesn't count if it's NOT on the selected list). I actually found it all quite fascinating, and continued to study theology to this day.
    The three primary religions (Hebrew, Christian, and Islam) all have roots in the story of Abraham, yet diverge in SO many ways from that point on.

    I'm a practitioner of a Pagan Path now. Nothing with a definite title, as I'm still researching things. I'm very fond of the Gaelic, and some of the VERY old Middle East (Zorastianism for one, from which a LOT of modern religion seems to mimic/imitate/borrow from (The epic tales of Gilgamesh, for those that are curious), but feel a closer bond to the Native People's thought processes (Native American Indians, and such). I believe the Earth is our 'Mother', the Sun, our 'Father', and everything they are made of has definite purpose and meaning. Figuring it all out is a task I'm certain won't be realized in just one lifetime, but since I believe in living multiple lives (Karma was mentioned, and the Hindu belief in such things is another that I relate to), I'm sure things will just continue to roll along whether I or anyone else believes in them or not.

    I don't much care what folks worship, so long as they don't try to force it on me, or take advantage of the innocent (children/invalid/etc.).

    I fully believe in PRACTICING what you preach/worship. 'Do unto others' (but don't let yerself be suckered or taken advantage of!), and the like.

    Things here sometimes get a bit heated, because just about everyone around me in this community is a follower of the Christian Path, while I most definitely am not. I've had more than one nasty look, or hurled insult tossed my way. I just grin, laugh, and wave. They start hurling stones, I'll unload some ordinance though! lol

    Good luck on your own Path, and finding some of the mysteries that Life has to offer!


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    I am labeled as a Christian although I do not believe in God. Religion to me just seems like an excuse for unnecessary war. However I am into gothic and magick things like my dragon candle holder, little gargoyle on the mantle piece :-) and the general idea of pagan ism

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gevamna View Post
    Right now I'm trying to manifest a certain individual into my life using a combination of sacred geometry and astrology... It's probably superstition...
    In such cases, it's going to be hard to determine whether it's just superstition because a positive outcome doesn't confirm that rituals were the cause of success.

    To determine whether superstition is at play, you'd need to use these magic rituals to achieve something that could not have happened anyway due to natural forces. For example, if you can use magic to make an object move across your desk with no external physical forces being responsible for its motion, then that would give support to the idea that this magic actually works. If magic doesn't seem to have any effect on the external world, then it would seem much more likely to be a superstition.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbabybret View Post
    When you go to what we call the start for this discussion...there had to exist either energy, or consciousness...
    That sounds like you are saying that either you are a philosophical materialist (who believes that reality is the material world of objects and that consciousness is an emergent feature of matter), or an idealist (who believes that the real world consists only of thoughts, and that the world of matter is an idea that only exists in the mind -- or minds).

    Given how reliably consistent and coherent physical reality is, and how consciousness only seems to exist as a function of physical matter (and, for me at least, doesn't seem anywhere near as coherent), I find it hard to get my head around the concept of idealism.

    But it's not absolutely necessary to think in terms of either idealism or materialism. You can be a dualist (or a pluralist). Dualists believe that both the physical world of matter and the world of thoughts/consciousness are equally "real" -- they are, essentially, different (unreconcilable) aspects of the same reality.

    One of the major problems with this view is the "mind-body problem". If both the physical body and conscious mind are equally real and cannot be explained in terms of each other (as idealists and materialists would suggest), then it's hard to see how it's possible for there to be any interaction between the two. And that raises other questions about whether the mind is born or dies, how it becomes attached to our bodies, etc.

    It's a discussion that could go on for a while, so I'll spare you the details! I found it rather fascinating, though. After a few years trying to "solve" the problem to my satisfaction ("dual aspect theory" sounded like a winner for a while!), I realise that the only explanation that really makes sense (to me) and matches my experience of reality is philosophical materialism.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbabybret View Post
    So, what existed first, chicken or the is born of the other...and the odds of both at the same time is not likely. If you believe energy, you'd lean towards science, consciousness you'd lean towards religion....
    That's an old one! It was the egg that came first. All chickens hatch from eggs, but many other animals can also lay eggs. Evolution is a gradual process, so in reality, it would be very hard to categorically say when a certain type of bird evolved into a chicken. But, if you came up with a precise (and somewhat arbitrary) definition of a chicken and could wind back time to observe the first chicken being born, you would definitely see that it hatched from an egg (laid by a bird that was very similar to a chicken, but didn't quite meet our specification of what a chicken should be).

    (Ah... that was a long ramble! Sorry if I'm boring anyone!)

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    Someone asked me some detailed questions on FetLife about my beliefs. I am a Pagan Agnostic who follows the Norse path. This encompasses the customs, heritage, and gods of my pre-Christian European ancestors who hailed mostly from Scandinavia and the British Isles. Here are the specific questions I was asked and my replies.

    What Norse God(s) do you follow or worship?

    I don't have a patron or matron deity, in fact I am somewhat agnostic and not convinced of the literal existence of the gods, or at least as humans conceptualize and imagine them. However, I do have my favorites who inspire me.

    Thor, of course, was the first of the gods I looked into, and I admire him as a protector of mankind and as the god of thunder. I've always loved thunderstorms, I always felt that the thunder was speaking to me. Sometimes it was gentle and soothing, other times it was loud and frightening, but I love the sound of it.

    Bragi, as the god of poetry and music, because I am a musician and I love to create sound from my thoughts.

    Kari, as the god of the north wind, who is a Jotun, and fills my need for the primal voice. His domains is the winter and song as well.

    Skadhi, also a Jotun, who is the goddess of the Winter Hunt. Every first snowfall I whisper a thanks to her, because I truly do love Winter and all it's beauty. I also admire her courage and willingness to take down all of Asgard after the Aesir killed her father.

    Odin, because of his relentless pursuit of knowledge and wisdom and his affinity for verse and poetry, and for his wind-wandering ways. Not so much for his role as a war deity, in fact, I'm really not into much of the warrior aspects of any of the gods.

    Njord, but only mildy. I grew up on the sea coast and I love it.

    In what way do you follow or worship them?

    I try to take what I know of them through the lore and what little personal gnosis I have and apply it to my life. Sort of like "WWJD", except it's more like "WWTNGD". But, I also believe that the Norse gods don't want blind followers, either. So while I learn from the lore, I also try and expand on the lessons they teach. When I do worship it's usually in the form of a blot and sumble, however, I don't do that very often. Religious formality has never been my strong suit.

    How did you find them/how did they call to you?

    I always knew of the mythology since I was a kid, but didn't realize it was a reconstructed religion until about 7 years ago. I met other people online who were Asatruar, some of which I didn't care for at all (right-wing crazy types), and then I began meeting people in person that helped expand my base of knowledge. I believe they called to me through folk, and also through my ancestors, having had several true dreams that have left strong familial feelings with me upon awakening.

    Do you consider yourself a)Asatru, b) Wiccan, c)Other (If other, please explain).

    Other. I am not really committed one way or another, not particularly observant. I imagine I'm a pretty disappointing Asatruar if one at all. I am not particularly eager for communion with the gods, I have no desire to live my life to impress them, a I don't think the purpose of life is to go around impressing higher powers. I just want to live a fairly good life, enjoy my family and friends, make music, and smile a lot. I don't really pray much, I don't ask much at all from the gods as I believe that to be an imposition, like asking your rich friend for money. So, while I wear the hammer and follow the Northern Path, I sort of wandered off into the woods a long time ago, and I kinda like it this way.

    Do you have any anecdotes about something that happened with the God(s) you follow/worship?

    Not directly, no. I've had dreams that clearly were more than just subconscious noise. I've been to other worlds, I know they exist. I've had true dreams involving my ancestors and a best friend of mine who passed away in 2006. Every now and then he checks in on me and we have a talk. And I also know I've lived past lives. I believe in reincarnation, though I am not sure if it's only through ancestral lines, but every life I have memories of are of European origin.

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    I"m a Christian, but I look at the spiritual a little differently from the established church. There are too many contradictions and hypocrisy. I have, with the help of my best friend, brought forth a genuine, bona-fide ghost using a Ouija board, and I suppose that strays significantly from organized religion.

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    yeah I know that actually does go outside organized religion. that's why I hate religion but love Jesus. you see religion is a man made invention for behavior modification purposes but it is written in the bible about how Jesus turned over the money changer tables and said that they made his father's house into a den of thieves. I am just thinking whatever you want to go after there might be better ways to get it Gevmamna. could I respectively request permission as to what exactly your looking for? no I am not trying to convert anyone here I just think someone I never even met before somehow screwed up and I was hoping to at least find an alternative way to get what you wanted that's all.

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    I believe in Furry Heaven...does that count as religion?

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