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    Since the beginning of October I was obsessing over this movie called "Were the World Mine".

    The movie is based on Shakespeare's Midsummer night's dream. It about a gay teen who is struggling with bullying in school. Then his teacher makes him try out for the lead role of Puck in Midsummer Night's Dream. Then he makes a magical pansy and turns the whole town gay. Chaos and Hilarity ensues.

    Also, did i mention it is a Musical!

    It is a BIG GAY MUSICAL! (yes i know, it is redundant)

    I recently saw it in Chicago and it is amazing!
    For being an independent gay film it has really good acting and singing!

    Youtubes YAY!

    YouTube - "Were the World Mine" official trailer


    I <3 Tanner Cohen

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    Steve, can you please explain what Midsummer Night's Dream is about? I have never read it.

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