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Thread: Footie Jammies from Aww So Cute

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    Default Footie Jammies from Aww So Cute

    Their footed pajamas are in. I got my email a short while ago. I'm impressed with them.
    They have a snap front with the snaps continuing all the way down to the ankles.
    I've already ordered mine in the pink elephants. There scheduled to ship on Dec 9th.

    Footed Pajamas
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    I've been waiting to see what those look like and I am very pleased.
    It is, of course, very cute.
    Now I just need to get some...

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    i like those Boy jammies, i want them lots and lots

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    Dinosaurs! Like dwaggies they rawr too. *giggles*
    I would get them if i had a lil more spending money.
    Hope they have them for a while.

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    I am so getting one of those. I was going to get another sleeper soon and that is what I am going to get I LOVE THEM!!!

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    Love it! That with dinos! Olso body and diaper! Anybody try tham?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirco View Post
    Love it! That with dinos! Olso body and diaper! Anybody try tham?
    I've got both. I like the onesie for it's neck styling as it's not like a tee shirt. For the diapers they are cute as well as good. They are a little on the expensive side at normally $2.50 per diaper.
    I wish they had a back elastic. Right now you can order them through Monday for $20.00 for a pack of ten. I hope in the future the price comes down on the diapers and maybe some prints
    for the onesies. I like in a way that they're bringing out things slowly and requesting feedback on their products.

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    Theyre rather cute jammies. I sure wouldnt mind a pair of the dinosaur ones.

    A baby friend i babysit for bought her self a onesie from them, i was impressed with the quality. So i bet the jammies would be good quality too.

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