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Thread: Discreet shipping alternatives in Canada?

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    Default Discreet shipping alternatives in Canada?


    I'm considering buying a footed sleeper from a store on (not .ca), but I'd like to avoid having the package shipped to my current address since I'm staying at my parents' house for a few months.

    I contacted the store (Crazy for Bargains) to request discreet packaging but apparently, they're required by the U.S. Customs Service to list an exact product description on the customs sheet for international orders.

    Are there any alternatives to shipping to my house address? I thought about renting a Canadian PO box for a short term - would that work? I don't have any AB friends in my vicinity that I could ship to.

    Another idea I had, if anyone can be bothered, is to have someone on the forum ship the package to me with a more generic product description. I'd obviously cover the product and shipping costs (through PayPal or whatever) beforehand.


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    I'm not sure about Canada, but in the US, you can rent UPS Store PO Boxes for as little as a month.

    The problem with shipping cross border is that there are serious penalties if you misrepresent what's in the package.

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    I see. The issue for me is figuring out whether the courier will deliver to a Canadian PO box, but I can't seem to figure out which courier they use or whether the store permits international PO box orders. And in all honesty, I have no idea this kind of stuff works.

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    If there is a UPS store where you live they will probably accept a package for you for a small fee (I paid $5). You usually just have to call and tell them your name and that you're expecting a package. Oh also the address they give you will be a street address, not a PO box.

    Edit: forgot to mention that I am in Canada, so this should work for you.

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    ^ Apparently they ship via USPS, which I assume transitions into Canada Post at the border.

    There's a UPS store in my vicinity, but I don't think they'd be authorized to take in USPS/Canada Post packages... or would they?

    Edit: Damn, they seem to have moved out. Do you know if Purolator has a service like this?

    Edit 2: Just remembered, I'll be in Ottawa in two weeks for a week. I wonder if I can call a UPS store there a few days in advance and have the package shipped there?

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    You can redirect a package here for you to pick up, but not send something here directly!

    If its coming from the states we cannot accept it.

    If you wanted to redirect a parcel here for yourself, it would cost you $5.00 / package, and a $3.00 / storage fee per day if it stays here for more than one day.

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    I did call a store in another city, but my package was domestic. They might not accept packages from the states as they don't want to pay any duties or fees on your package. Ottawa probably has multiple UPS stores so maybe try contacting the other ones. My understanding is that UPS Stores don't have all the same policies as they are generally run by a franchisee.

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    Yeah, I'll go ahead and contact a few other stores in the area. Thanks.
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    Just received an email from another UPS store in Ottawa:

    It is possible to redirect your parcel to our store, as long as there are no brokerage fees on it.If there are brokerage fees we can not receive the parcel.
    You can call 1800 742 5877 to do this request. There is a $5 + tax fee for redirecting a parcel to our store.
    The issue now is determining whether there'd be brokerage fees...? The seller stated that they use the "postal service", which I'm assuming means USPS > Canada Post... any ideas?

    Also, how does one redirect packages? I've never had to do it before.
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    Hello! Couldn't you try to do something else, even if your parents got the package you could say it's a "joke" gift for a friend of yours or why not just come clean with your parents and say you enjoy these kind of pajamas and that you get really cold feet during the night. This is just a couple of ideas and I know your problem since I live with my father and have had the same problems as you. One thing is for sure that your parents will love you no matter what type of P.J's you wear, with or without feet

    "Don't make it more difficult than it is"

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