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Thread: possibly between small and medium size?

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    Default possibly between small and medium size?

    First of all i'm 169cm/5.5 ft tall and my waist size is 82cm/32 inch.
    I have tried Tena Slip Maxi medium,but that was huuge for me..
    Then I had a box of Tena Slip Super M,that was fine in size,but it's not as thick as the Maxi and i'm not very satisfied with it's capacity and somehow i don't think that it is as good as other "premium" diapers.
    I had the opportunity to try a few Slip Plus S but those were too small..
    So I would try the Slip Maxi S but i'm afraid that it's going to be too small either..
    I know that Lille/Kendall have bigger sizes,and the Lille Supreme fit Super Plus S was fine... But i didn't like the "cloth feel" of the diaper..

    So,beside the Tena and Lille,do anybody know a brand which has a bigger small sized OR small medium sized diaper which has high capacity?

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    Have you considered buying bambinos or Abenas or Molicares?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrinklyEmilyLG View Post
    Have you considered buying bambinos or Abenas or Molicares?
    Sadly, I can't buy Bambinos because I live in Hungary and it would be really expensive to order from the U.S.. and i just can't order anything because i still live with my parents.
    Abena is a different question,there's only one retailer who sells them in hungary,but they have only the M4 and the S2.
    But I checked the Molicare and i knew that their Super Plus S is only up to 80cm,so the same as other brand's S sized did they just redesigned their diapers?
    Because now it's called Molicare Super S and the waist size is between 60-90cm.. that seems ideal.
    I rechecked the official Tena site and i found out that the Maxi S is up to 85cm.. and not 80 as it is stated on other websites..
    I will definietly try one of them.
    Do you know that these new Molicare Super S is plastic backed or has the bad cloth outer material?

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    Molicare super S is plastic backed. It'll probably fit you, but will be on the small side of things. I know I can fit into molicare mediums (they're loose but work), and I have a smaller waist than you, so I suspect you could get away with mediums if you wanted to try.

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    I'm 5'6'' and have the same waist size and the tena slip maxi's fit me fine? I think you just think they are to big. Fit me perfect?.....

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    But if you aren't happy with how they fit, the Unique wellness briefs size medium run pretty small compared to other diapers I have tried and are around the same absorbency.

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