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Thread: What's the riskiest situation you've put yourself in?

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    Default What's the riskiest situation you've put yourself in?

    This is, of course, involving diapers and/or infantilism.

    This might not be very dangerous to some people, but my most harrowing situation involved moving from my bedroom to the bathroom in order to clean up. Thing is, both rooms are located adjacent to my sister's room, whose door was open. It was at night but she was probably awake and texting someone while I was doing all this. As far as I know she heard nothing.

    This could turn into a "close call" thread, but my intention is to see what situation you put yourself in that could have EASILY gotten you caught, but in which you received no attention.

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    I was playing kinectimals in nothing but a pair of cushies and a t shirt, when all of a sudden my dad walks in the back door (mind you its 2 in the morning and I had no idea why he was at my house at that hour).
    fortunately, I managed to shut off the tv, and high tail it to my room to put on some pants before he saw me. It was a good thing I was wearing a diaper, I damn near wet myself when he showed up without warning. closest call ever! Turns out he was on storm duty and didn't want to drive the hour and a half home since I live a mile from where he works.

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    Well..... a few yrs ago ( when I lived with my parents ) my grandma was living with us temporarly until she got an apartment of her own . Well having not been used to an extra person in the house, along with there different routine. The basement bathroom ( really a toilet with a kitchen sink and inbetween a furnace with my makeshift room on the other side . ( Construction was going on at this time in building a new room.) Anyways since the room and bathroom were connected by a furnace inbetween. I was able to slip though the edge of my room and into the edge of the bathroom where the toilet is . My grandma entered the old part of the basement where the bathroom is and she was just about to pull back the sheet going into the bathroom. I yelled "I'm in here ! " she said she was sorry and that she'd knock next time . I'm just glad I heard her about to pull back the sheet, can't imagine what her reaction would be in seeing me in a diaper and t-shirt . :p

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    Was watching tv in a shirt and a Depends when I hear my grandma unexpectedly come through the back door. Had to rush to my room and put it under my bed. Not sure if this counts, but today I was buying more goodnites and they have self checkout at the store. They were always under 20 bucks for the pack of 27, so I always have a 20 in my pocket to quickly pay for them and get outta there. But today they were 20.60. I had left my wallet in my car and definitely didn't want to ask someone for change and I definitely didn't want them to hold my purchase till I went and got the change. I froze, not knowing what to do. Until I reached in my pocket and found my debit card and just paid the other 60 cents. I had my card in my pocket because I got gas before going to the store. Not sure what I would have done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GryphonGuy View Post
    Not sure if this counts, but today I was buying more goodnites and they have self checkout at the store. They were always under 20 bucks for the pack of 27, so I always have a 20 in my pocket to quickly pay for them and get outta there. But today they were 20.60.
    You're back! : )
    Yeah, this is why I always carry more money than I need for a given cash purchase and never leave my wallet behind. Also I find it more expedient to buy them while buying a large amount of groceries for the house, I don't think the cashiers even think twice about the fact that I'm buying diapers when a week's worth of dry goods and bottled water just went by.

    In answer to the OP's question, the biggest risk I took was wearing anything but regular underwear or a goodnite to bed; nothing else is as discreet and my parents sleep in the next room over. That's why I banished the crinkle in favor of cloth-covered things these days: if I have to get up and help with the dog or something no one will notice.

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    Pretty much anytime I wore during my senior year of high school. The most obvious danger being when I deliberately messed my diaper and tried to get the nurse to change me. I blogged about it long ago and I've never taken that risk again.

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    changing into a cloth or disposable in my room with the door wide open. The bathroom and parents' room are right across from each other at the top of the stairs, so it's a busy area. Plus my room's connected to another.

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    I wore a diaper under my swimsuit and played waterballoon fight during a storm on the main street of my parents complex, while they were both home. I mean i was wearing shorts but the diaper got suuuuper soaked and my shorts werent hiding absolutely anything. Funnest yet riskiest thing ive ever done lol

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    I changed my diaper in a public restroom outside of a stall cuz the stalls were too small. People walked in and didn't say anything.

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    Probably the time when I went rock climbing wearing a not-so-discreet bambino teddy with a good friend of mine.

    It was just us two out in a pretty remote part of a huge natural park, and there's always the danger of an anchor coming out and falling and whatnot. Getting caught by her wasn't quite as big of an issue, because she already semi-knew, but it still made things a little nerve wracking.

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