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    I was work last night and was having a bad day and I had got really pissed off. Anyways, later on when I cooled off a bunch of us guys were standing around and they were saying I've got to much testosterone and I need to chill out. I just smirked and was thinking to myself if they only knew I was going straight home to put on a fresh diaper and one of my pretty dresses what would they think.

    Does anyone else have those types of moments?

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    Oh yes. I work with junior high kids and every once in a while I have to become unpleasant with a student who crosses the respect line. Yeah, if only they knew, though I'm so very glad they don't!

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    I have those moments all the time at work and at school. The men at my job and in my classes act a certain way and make comments about women and comments about men being feminine or dressing like girls, yet (because i have to present as male at work) they have no idea that they are in the presence of a transgirl. Their reactions to things has actually led me to believe that I might have to change jobs. I dont care about school because my classes change every few months, but whether im at home or at work or at school, i always feel like 100% female and to be presenting as male and be hearing what people say. I've even been told that too, because ive had a short fuse for most of my life, little do they all know that my t-levels are what im trying to get rid of xD

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    Depending on your work, job and what your doing it does seem to be that this Abdl stuff is used for an escape from the rigors of life and work...

    I myself when working actually slowed or even stopped this hobby...there just wasn't the time and I wasn't in a mindset to allow this through...

    But, that was fortunately a longtime ago now...

    If anyone knew this would have been an odd conversation to say the least...

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    I play for a local football team and wonder all the time what the lads would think if they saw me in nappies and panties!

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    Oh, totally! It's even better when I'm actually wearing panties and a bra beneath my work clothes.

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    ALL the time... all I think is "If you only really knew", but it is best they don't! It's problems with plumbing are beyond my control now, so I don't sweat it or have any guilt about it either, diapers work!

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    Just my opinion that outside world really doesn't need to know and i have nothing to prove to them any way. Then when dressed up as a Lady i always feel so much better and relieved. Takes me away from all that male drama and things i don't really care about. The more i try to be feminine the better i feel.
    Sincerely mypet
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    I have friends who are totally against the AB/DL life style. Almost every time I hang with them I keep saying to myself if they only knew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tall2826 View Post
    I have friends who are totally against the AB/DL life style. Almost every time I hang with them I keep saying to myself if they only knew.
    That's sad tall, do non of your friends have an open mind? Do you have anyone to confide in.

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