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Thread: Does my body act differently because I'm wearing diapers?

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    Default Does my body act differently because I'm wearing diapers?

    I was thinking about something today... sometime last year I started wearing pull-ups during the day because I was tired of having the occasional accidents and I was used to/liked wearing diapers at night anyway. But while I used to accidentally pee my pants rarely, not more than once every few weeks, now I wet my pull-ups (it just happens, I'm not "trying" to) probably every few days or so. I can't reuse them very often because they're almost always at least a little wet by the time I change when I get home. I also take an extra one with me in case I need to change during the day.

    A similar thing already happened when I was 13 and wetting the bed 3-4 days a week, I started wearing pull-ups to bed again (after not wearing any protection for a few years) and eventually, I was wetting every night and switched to better overnight diapers, and then even those diapers were very wet by the time I woke up. That's still the case now and it has been for a long time... full-size diapers every night, very wet when I wake up. I couldn't even tell you the last time I woke up dry, and as much as I like diapers, that's not something to be jealous of.

    So what's the deal? Clearly I had serious wetting issues anyway, but as I added more diapers to my routine, I began to wet more and more. I feel comfortable and secure in diapers so I like wearing them, but it makes me wonder if my body "knows" I'm wearing diapers and doesn't try as hard as it could to prevent accidents. If I didn't wear diapers at night, would I still wet the bed literally every night, or would it happen less? If I stopped wearing pull-ups during the day, would I still pee my pants as much as I wet myself now, or would it go back to the way it was before? I don't know, because I got myself in this situation where I'm hardly ever not wearing some sort of diaper, and I don't know if I could go back. I'm almost scared to find out.

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    It may be that psychologically, your mind knows you're diapered, so holding it, or trying to hold it becomes less urgent.

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    well go see your doctor anyways and explain your concerns that is always a good idea I think.

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    That's a good point, I do think it's possible it could be something psychological, like subconsciously I know I'm wearing a diaper so it's "ok" if I don't hold it... so I'm not thinking about it... so I wet myself more often. (When I was younger and couldn't wear diapers to bed, I would lay awake for a long time worrying about wetting the bed. Sometimes I would, sometimes I wouldn't. Since I've had diapers again, I don't worry, I just sleep... but I also wet pretty heavily every time I'm asleep... and increasingly find myself wetting without trying to while I'm still awake, too.)

    I didn't trust the doctor I went to, she couldn't figure out *why* I had a bedwetting issue but she discouraged me from wearing diapers and wanted me to take medications. :-/ I didn't do it because I liked diapers and I didn't like the idea of taking drugs to try to "fix" me or any side effects that might happen.

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    Sorta similar here bud , if i go to bed nappied i will wake up wet , yet if i go without im fine and wake up dry , strange

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    1) go to a specialist... find a good urologist in your area, and give them a try.
    I think aside from finding a solution (even if you stop having issues, no one can stop you from wearing diapers, if you happen to like them), it's important to figure out your options and make sure there's nothing seriously wrong (physically).

    2) maybe give therapy a try if the doc can't find anything... I don't know about you - but despite liking to wear diapers, I personally would give a *LOT* to get rid of the bedwetting and day-time IC issues I have had since forever.
    (yes I've given therapy a try - didn't help with the ic... later figured out it's a physical issue,... despite, the therapy helped a great deal to cope with a difficult time back then).

    3) Just because you wear nappies, pads, pull-ups etc... it doesn't mean you can't regularly use the toilet... try to develop a routine (like every two hours: toilet). try to void naturally ... Also watch what you drink (stay away from sodas, coffee / caffeine, alcohol)... keep hydrated but don't over-hydrate... your body really can't make good use of let me say 2dl every 1-2 hours (of course depending on activity, etc...)... if you do this, you'll find yourself rarely in the situation where you bladder would get full to the brim. this at least for me works a great deal in terms of getting some control over my IC issues...

    4) medication: give it a try... maybe it helps... if not, you know some of the alternatives (IC products)....

    Generally I believe your health should be your main concern.

    at 22 you should not be incontinent WITHOUT some reason... it's usually an indicator that something is going wrong.
    These days a lot can be done to either get really rid of IC or at least minimize it to a very manageable point.
    Unfortunately, of course, there's always exceptions... but none the less, I'd really recommend you to get it checked throughly.

    it took me YEARS to find a good urologist whom I do trust and find that his work is excellent.
    Now I know this might sound weird, even contradicting... after all I'm still incontinent and still wet the bed.
    But beacuse of this I still regularly (like once a year) go to the doc and to see if:
    - Anything has gone wrong (infections, etc...)
    - See if there are any new developments, options, etc...
    - see if there's new medication that might prove successful.
    - etc.

    I do not recommend you to just fall back and say: yeah! diapers.
    This has nothing to do with *liking* diapers... your health is something important.
    And as mentioned, you do not need any reason to wear diapers, if you like to...

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    I'm with dogboy, dragonette and dean013. The question is not what you do when you are diapered---when I'm diapered I sleep through the night and wake up soaked. The question is what you do when you aren't diapered---when I'm not I wake up several times a night to pee. It's not magic, you're in more control when you're asleep than you probably think.

    Having said that, I also have what you might call spritzing problems during the day. (Spritzing, rather than catastrophe, because I'm usually hightailing it to the john when it happens.) So when I'm out and I'm not wearing, I wear a pad. Sometimes it comes home dry and sometimes not. But this is really a completely different thing that peeing when wearing.

    So I'd say don't go to a doctor until you know you actually have a problem. You don't have a problem if you can't make it through the night dry when you're _not_ wearing.

    So, yeah, your body (and it's all your body, whether it's in your mind or not) probably acts differently when you are wearing.

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    Yes, if it doesn't now, it will, after you've worn for long enough. It's more your mind than body though, it will get used to diapers, and your body (bladder) follows suit.

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    Yep, after wearing a few nights I more often than not wet in my sleep. Conversely, after a few without I rarely have an accident. For the most part diapers are a convenient bed-wetting trigger for me.

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    I have a genuine incontinence problem. However once I started to wear full time just in case of an accident, I did start to use more frequently until now I just pee all the time, often with no warning at all. My condition has worsened, but I think knowing that you can pee without your pants getting wet eventually leads you to become more dependent on nappies as well. Using your nappy instead of the toilet just becomes a normal part of life and you stop thinking about it.

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