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Thread: Mischief is Elementary!

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    Default Mischief is Elementary!

    When we all were kids, we played pranks on each other, because we could still get away with it. What are some of your favorite pranks from elementary school?

    my Friends and I were rather fond of Jamming crayons down the heat register.
    they turned the heater on one day and it stank so bad, we got to have recess for a few hours while they fixed the heater.

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    Removing drain plugs from s-bends under the science room sinks... I actually feel shamed now. :/

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    In elementary school, I was still a good kid... i didn't get in trouble or play pranks... I was just a bedwetter, tho some nights i'd wet in my goodnites on purpose before falling asleep

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    I once brought a dead bird to my Kindergarten teacher, and she freaked, making me sit in the clothes closet.

    In junior high I convinced a kid to let me and another kid dangle him from the third floor window, before school had started. We wanted to scare the first teacher who saw us. As it turned out, the first teacher was a young, female teacher, who looked up and gave out a blood curdling scream. The kid next to me who was holding one of the boys arms panicked and let go, running away. I was the only one now holding on to this kid, a kid who now also was screaming. My adrenalin kicked in and I pulled him up and through the window. We ran like hell and never got caught. I guess we were too high up from the ground to be identified from outside.

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    School open house, boarding school, Surrey, UK, 1980. My dad, a professional chemist and engineer told me about NI3, Nitrogen tri-iodide, a mild explosive. He told me it made a loud bang and a nice puff of purple smoke, that's the iodine coming off. Well, I worked out the recipe myself, brewed it up, and produced a couple of grams of dirty muddy looking crystals. These had to be filtered and dried: it's inert when wet. I got fed up waiting for my crystals to dry and prodded them with a stick... and they not only went bang but blew the bottom out of the little plastic beaker They also sprayed the length and breadth of the chem lab with half dry NI3 so that when the parents came it was as though they were walking on invisible rice crispies all day I collected my remaining filter papers, all stained and dirty, and left them to dry in the sun, I can't abide waste. I forgot about them until at tea, they went off and were heard 3 miles away

    It is remarkable what heights of naughtiness one can achieve with a source of conc sulfuric, conc nitric,and maybe some cellulose, Sodium and Potassium can also amuse, combined with a manual of Advanced Potion Making, half Blood Prince ed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluehusky View Post
    In elementary school, I was still a good kid... i didn't get in trouble or play pranks...
    Same here. Looking back on it, there were some good pranks just begging to be played, but I never really knew what a good prank was as a kid. Even today I question what would be a really good one to pull on people.

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    A bottle of Liquid Ass goes a long way:P

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeftLeppard View Post
    A bottle of Liquid Ass goes a long way:P
    Elevator shafts, high school, before It would've been a crime.

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    in elementry school i usually found ways to make other kids piss themselves, tickleing was a good way and fear was also another sucessful way but i did that to the kids who made fun of me for my pullups i had to wear. didn't do much in middle school. but we went overkill senior year high school, our high school halls had little recessed areas in the floor with benches around the edge well we flooded all of those and put in catfish, gold fish, and a few other breeds, and me and the auto shop kids took apart the principals 1979 beetle convertable and reassembled it in his office where the desk was suposed to be. Thank god for the ultra wide doors the school had the hardest part was getting the body in the door. oh and cant forget the stink bombs freshmen year we set off over 100 before school and got school canceled for the high school for 1 day

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    How long did it take you to get that thing in there? Taking apart a car is no easy task....

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