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Thread: Never pre order from ABU Universe

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    Default Never pre order from ABU Universe

    Has anyone ever pre ordered any ABU Sissy diapers from them lately?

    I did on 10/17 and it said it ships mid to late October and then the next day it said ships early to mid November and then they changed it to ships 11/22/13 to 11/29/13 and I am afraid they will change it again. I am not happy with their service and I feel I wasted my money pre ordering my diapers from them trusting they will stick with their dates. I want to send them my complaint telling them how unhappy I am with them and demand a refund if they change their shipping dates again and my order isn't shipped. But then I am afraid they will treat me poorly and think I am being impatient when I feel mislead and lied to. I have a budget and it's tight and I cannot afford to lose money and waste it and it's giving me anxiety.

    Has anyone gotten their diapers yet.

    Lesson learned, I will never pre order from them again. I feel this is unacceptable if they cannot keep their promise with what dates they will ship when you pre order their items.

    Has anyone ever asked for a refund and gotten it? I am thinking about asking for one if they change their pre order shipping dates one more time because I am so sick of the waiting game and then they change it again when the date passes. I don't think I would care if they told me to not order from them ever again because I am so unhappy with their services about pre order items. Even sending a gift with my case isn't going to satisfy me because I still won't pre order from them ever again.

    This is a warning to everyone about pre ordering items from them. They do ship the item when it's add to cart than pre order but when it's pre order, do not order the item.

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    A lot of people went through that a year ago on their first sissy diapers. I would ask for a refund through an email or a phone call if they provide one. I myself don't buy from them nor do I plan on it in the future.

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    I can infer from how they operate that ABU is critically short on cash. They've been in a mode of selling what they don't yet have for more than a year now, and it has to be clear to them that their customers hate it. I can't imagine preordering something like diapers unless the design was amazing.

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    If they don't have the money to ship it, then they probably won't be able to refund and that means they lose their customers and make less money.

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    Whilst I have never PRE-ordered ANYthing... I can only recommend to file a complaint with them and ask for a full refund.

    On another note: I do understand why certain companies allow you to pre-order a product... basically this way they can get the money needed to commit for their own orders.
    however it's a business practice that has known to go horribly wrong, especially for smaller businesses.
    I mean it's no big deal if you pre-order something, say from apple or a company as large... you still can get delays and stuff, but at least your money should be "safe" with a large player.
    But for smaller companies, it's a dangerous game (accepting pre-orders)... if anything happens (Which is often quite likely) the delays will make the customers angry.
    News will spread and the trust will be ruined. If they played the pre-order game to get the money required for them to commit the products production... well then this will be in jeopardy, the very moment either enough people pull out and request a refund, or to start with, not enough people are willing to pre-order at all. So basically they'll be stuck (and so will be your order & money) as long as it takes them to come up with the financial backing they need - which may be never or really complicated, especially once trust has been damaged.
    Even more so with "speciality products", (niche products that can not be easily marketed to a wide target audience) = diapers for ABs & Sissys for example.

    So put differently: don't pre-order.

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    I have never pre ordered from ABU. Just like with any items I buy online, If they do not have it in stock and can't ship it immediately, I will not buy it.

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    I heard a lot of there pre orders get shipped out late as well.
    Seems like they delay things a lot.
    Is the place that makes there diapers not making them or delaying it as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by StargazerBleu View Post
    I heard a lot of there pre orders get shipped out late as well.
    Seems like they delay things a lot.
    Is the place that makes there diapers not making them or delaying it as well?
    My guess is they don't have enough money to give the to the company that actually makes the diapers. Doesn't sound like a dry 24/7 type of issue.

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    While I don't think anyone should get swindled (less likely in this case) or face significant delays in getting their orders (more likely), I'm a bit surprised that anyone plugged into the community would pre-order from them without being aware of this as a likely outcome. I don't order from them at all due to their past behavior, which includes shenanigans like this but even without those other concerns, I would expect delays from them on pre-orders as a matter of course. I'm sorry to hear of it for you and the people who have to wait.

    I don't see much reason to fear asking for a refund at whatever point you decide is too long to wait. I'm sure you're not the only one and if they give you any guff, you can always go to your credit card company and have the charge reversed since you did not receive the product you paid for.

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    I never pre order from places like that I go on ahead and order what j want so I'll get my stuff in a few days

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