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Thread: media players for linux

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    Default media players for linux

    What do you use to store and play music on you linux pc

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    Video? - VLC - Works without any hassels most of the time. And I like it on my windows machine too!
    Sound engine? XINE - I forget the other one, there are two main ones or I'm barking made. But That's the one I pick. But never really had hassels with either of them TBH.
    Music Library? Amarok. - A few nice features and very easy to use for my needs.

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    I for one like Banshee. It's a *great* music app, and has support for like, every format (as long as you have the codecs installed).

    I tend to use Banshee for that, VNC for videos, and OSS (Open Sound System) as my sound engine.

    I use GNOME, and I don't care for using non-native environment software (and I'm NOT a fan of KDE!) so I don't use AmaroK.

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    Amarok, hands down. I'd personally recommend version 1.4 though, as 2.0 isn't very mature yet. Amarok is definitely worth the extra RAM required by the KDE runtime IMHO. (Disclaimer: I'm biased. I wrote a very feature-laden script for it and know a couple of the devs )


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    I personally love mplayer with libmad and pulse audio. I find it gets good quality, plays just about everything, and no GUI getting in the way (although it does have GUI frontends).

    For more playlist-oriented type things I'll use Amarok which also has some pretty cool features.

    And for DVDs I use Xine because mplayer's DVD navigation is fail.

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    As much as I love iTunes, after using Banshee, iTunes' playback sounds like complete shit. Banshee sounds way more crisp, *plays FLAC*, and has a better thump.

    iTunes? Not so much. Unfortunately, the only Linux box I have now is Warpig -- which is an 800MHz PIII with 384MB of RAM -- and no Sound device D=. So I'm stuck with iTunes (and all of its sexy, iPod-compatible glory -- but at what cost!).

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    I use Rhythmbox, the layout is similar to itunes which is nice after using itunes for so long.

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    I use Sonata and ncmpcpp as frontends for the music player deamon, which handels playing and the music library. For all other media including soundfiles not in my library I use mplayer.
    All other players got way too much dependencies. :>
    And VLC now uses qt unfortunately.

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