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Thread: Changing of the seasons leading to changing of behavior

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    Default Changing of the seasons leading to changing of behavior

    Does anyone else feel like their indulgence in all things AB/DL waxes and wanes with the seasons? Maybe it's because I was living in South Carolina, where summers (and most of spring and fall) were too hot and humid for ANY extra clothing, but now that I'm back up north, and it's getting cold, I really like the feeling of diapers and fleece footie pajamas. Especially together. Three months ago, I had no intrest in either, and now I want to go 24/7.

    Does anyone else feel like this, or does maybe my binge/purge cycle (which usually consists of putting everything away with the winter clothes) just happens to line up with the weather?

    As a side note, I got my first order of the season in, so now I'm all padded up at school. Lovin it. I'm trying the Abri M3 Air, which has some really weird belt and plastic fasteners system that I just sort of guessed at how they operate. I was not prepared to putting them on in the dark; I don't think I'll try them again.

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    Yeah, with the extreme season fluctuations here in michigan, I'm more cubby in the winter because during the summer, I can't wear my footies to bed because of the heat. Though during the summer, I tend to just run around the house in a diaper and my Def Leppard shirt. I live alone, so I can get away with that kind of thing.

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    definitely, i find myself being more little during the winter because i love winter and the holidays and its just such a great time for being snuggled up in a diaper and watching a cute movie or just getting all dressed up in a cute outfit and going shopping ^____^

    But during the summer -__- I'm either in Mode A or Mode B


    Mode B - its hot. I'm working. PLEEEAAASE leave me alone.

    lol, unfortunately, no time for diapers or being little at any time other than at home or weekends. But during Winter/Spring its like playground time for my little side xD, and Fall is when i start to break the barrier between adult and little.

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    I don't think the urge changes much for me based on the seasons but it may be more convenient to indulge that urge in the cooler months than the warmer ones. Then again, there are shared activities that go better in nice weather, such as beaches, woods, etc., so it's a constant trade-off. That's one of the things I like about seasons: there's always something to miss and something to look forward to.

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    When it gets cold in the winter, I want nothing more than to stay bundled up in my diapers and a bunch of layers, and even the warmth of wetting my diaper feels good. But when it's hot in the summer, I can get really sick of diapers really quickly.

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    I guess I do different things through the seasons, but I may wear more during winter for the same reasons. I can also go to the stores diapered because I'm wearing a winter coat, thus hiding the bulge.

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    Diapers just go better with colder weather. Thicker clothes hide the bulge and crinkle better, less diaper sweating, more stuff done indoors in general. More convenience than unpacking yourself to pee...

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    I find myself buying onesies from babypants only and wearing them a lot more then I used to, except on blistering hot days . Idk onesies for me are the only kind of abdl clothing that I really like with all the cute nursey prints on them, plus I can't stand wearing a diaper most of the time and it feels like its gonna fall off. Having said all this onesies are the only abdl clothing that I've ever purchased so far.

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