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Thread: Modifying Goodnites/Drynites

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    Cool Modifying Goodnites/Drynites

    Hello friends.

    Not sure how many out there already do this, but I having found some drynites in my 'stash' I wanted to see if I could make them a bit more interesting.

    For me, a diaper should have plastic backing. That is how I remember them, that is how I enjoy them the most.

    With some careful finger work I am successfully managing to remove the fabric coating on these pull-up diapers. Takes a bit of time, and you need to be careful to not pierce/tear the plastic layer under, but when it starts to peel off, it can come off pretty easily. What you are left with is a plastic-outer product! They make more of the wonderful rustling sound, and at least for me, have become a lot more interesting!

    In case you are going to try it - just really take some care getting in under that fabric outer layer, so you don't damage the shell under.

    Have fun!

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    Yeah i have done this, many times i have ripped the plastic so it has leaked, but that one time i actually was able to do it without it leaking it was really good :3

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    I've always found it interesting that the covers of GoodNites are removable like this, whereas the covers of other Huggies products are not.

    Anyway, one thing to watch out for is that the cloth-like stuff adds quite a bit of strength to the bond between the elastic sides and the main part of the diaper. If GoodNites are fairly tight on you, then you'll likely find that the sides pop much more easily if you peel the cover off. D'oh! Same goes for Pampers.

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    To make them more interesting, I actually wear two. I find that they hold a lot more if I wear the first one backwards and then the second one normally over that one. I don't even put holes in the first one. Plus the second one is still usually good afterwards. It just feels more padded. Plus it is still discrete under pants.

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    I have done this but don't like it, because although it makes the diaper 100% more awesome, when i sit on the wood floor to play ps3 (that's right, I gots to have some fun ) it gets stuck to the floor, as if it was rubber or something, so I can't move freely...

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    I find the little dabs of glue they use to hold the fabric muffler/cover on can pull away teeny-tiny bits of the printed shell when removed, so be careful how you do this. Never had such a wet bed before or since. That is excepting when I actually wet it back in the day.

    I do use GN's where the sides have ripped out as stuffers for my store brand fitted briefs, and those I'll put a few extra pinholes in, just to be sure they'll filter right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GryphonGuy View Post
    I find that they hold a lot more if I wear the first one backwards and then the second one normally over that one.
    In general? I could see that working while sitting down, but not in any other way. Being a science and physics stickler, that's both interesting and confusing to me.

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