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Thread: Dight time diaper help with Velcro Diapers

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    Default Dight time diaper help with Velcro Diapers

    I get my Tena Diapers form a medical supplier though my health care insurance as i am on disability after 2 failed back surgery's and one successful one any-who... my problem

    at night i do not sleep in anyone position as a matter of fact i have been accused of beating her up at night and it it keep up i might get what i get a serious spanking for not listing to her on several occasions i have been woken up in the morning with the "Look" ya the "Look" and laying in a soaked bed with the diaper tabs ripped off.

    we are wondering if the ABENA Abri-Fix Fitted Reusable Mesh Pants over my night diaper would help keep it on at night we are all-ready using the Northshore Contoured Booster Pads that are very absorbent. thank you in advance

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    I toss and turn lots in my sleep, So I often wear "Abena Abri-Fix Soft Cotton Fixing Pants". They work for me. I've never tried the mesh shorts looking things. Hope that helps


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    hey Kayley i just ordered 2 packages of the ABENA Abri-Fix Fitted Reusable Mesh Pants to see how they work i had to use the free shipping coupon with allegro

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    A onsie should help keep everything in place regardless of the diaper you are using.

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