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Thread: Bambo Baby Diapers?

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    Default Bambo Baby Diapers?

    I was reading a blog the other day and this mom mentioned her newfound love of Bambo Diapers. Never heard of it before so I looked it up... These definitely seem interesting especially after reading the blurb on their website.

    "Size 6 - Fits 35 to 66 lbs
    Guaranteed Absorption (minimum): 1100 ml"

    Woah-a baby/toddler diaper that can hold 1100ml?? What?? They're also supposed to be about the same size as pampers 6/7 and super stretchy. These sound awesome.

    Anyone heard of these before? Used them?


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    Yes, and I have used them. The only drawback, is that they are breathable. If you want an idea of what they are like, the Abena Premiums are of the same materials. The Bambo has the stretch tabs, and has rectangular padding, but that's about the only difference.

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    Is their absorbency anything in line with what they claim? They sound like super absorbent Huggies/Pampers in terms of everything else and being breathable and tabs.

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    Think of a scaled-down Abena M4 Premium. That's what they are, essentially, except they have the stretch tabs and no padding on the sides because there is no hourglass shape. Proportionally, absorbency should be about the same.

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    I've tried the size 5 baboo, and they are quite thirsty. Definitely recommended. I'd love to see what you think of their (newer) size 6!

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    The sample I tried was a size 4. However, I may be opting a package of their Size 6. If their sizing is similar to Pampers 7's, then I could use them as part of a pad/pant system, or as an insert for the cheap Medicaid diapers. They seem a bit pricey, at $.66 each, and that doesn't include shipping!

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    Yep I saw that Amazon link a while back--not sure how they're gonna package it, discreet or not though. :/ Definitely a good deal and I want to try these! They sound great! I'd really love a slightly bigger (or stretchier) pampers extra protection 6 that can hold a little more. That would be perfect.

    Anyone compared these to Huggies Overnites or Pampers EP in capacity?

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    Great thing about Amazon is all their stuff comes in an amazon box! No worries about discreet shipping. Regarding capacity, I'd say they're at least 30% more absorbent. That was their size 5+, too. I can only imagine the true size 6 is even more absorbent!

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    I have just recently heard about these diapers.

    Yeap,Looks like Cuddle Ups diapers from Winco just got knocked down to second place for best baby diaper in the world.

    Here from what I experienced with the other diapers for comparison:

    #2 in the world-Cuddle Ups baby diapers Size 6: max capacity: 1000ml(with water) max capacity(with urine): 750ml

    #3 in the world-Huggies Overnites(the price might shock you though) size 5: max capacity: 800ml(with water) max capacity(with urine): 450ml

    NOTE: I did not press the liquid out in these tests.

    and Yes,When I heard about this I was like"Noooooooooo! Not possable!! How could you do this to my fav diaper brand!"(my fav brand is Cuddle Ups because of the designs and how it looks)

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