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    Hi everyone, I just recently had a change in my insurance providers for diapers, which is now Edgepark. Before the change I had been getting by using Tranquility ATN (which isn't absorbent enough for me, I go through several a day.) my new provider carries a much wider selection of products to choose from. One of the new diapers to choose from is Abena abri-form premium RB43068. I have used abena abri-form xplus (plastic backed) diapers in the past and was impressed by them. My question is if the Abena abri-form premiums are compare-able to the plastic backed versions and if the premiums would be better than Tranquility atn in terms of absorbancy and leak protection? they also carry brands like medline molicares and original wellness diapers and I'm wondering if picking the abena abri-form premiums is the right choice for performance and fit. Fit wise the tranquility ATN large fits me perfectly, but isn't absorbent enough.

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    I'm not familiar with insurance providers. What I would try if possible is to get samples of all the listed diapers they cover and then make a decision. It's hard to advise on what to use as each person is different in their needs.
    I pay for mine and what I use works for me. I use Tena Slip Maxi's and Abena M3's for daytime and use Dependeco AIO's for over night.

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    Tranquility it's a decent brand, better than store brand diapers. They aren't anything compared to Abena. Abena would be the way to go, but if you can get samples, you should use this as a tool to find something that meets your need best, including size and capacity.

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    The Abena Abriform Premiums have the exact same texture and materials as the Bambo baby diapers. Quality is quite good. They fasten with a combination tape/hook and loop system, that some people have been put off with. However, I have never had a problem with one becomming unfastened. Some people have complained about odor control, but that is not a real issue if you swap the garment out as soon as you find a reasonable opportunity to. They definitely have better absorbency than any of the Tranquility products.

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