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    Hello there everyone. I'm Cat...well not really but I'm paranoid about people finding out about my little kink/ comfort and Cat is cute, easy to remember and not too far off my real name so it's not weird. So just call me Cat and here is a little bit about me for anyone who is interested.

    First off the basics, I'm 18, a lesbian, from Scotland and I identify as an adult baby or little girl depending on my mood. I also consider myself a bit of a diaper lover but I don't see that as so much as an identity.

    I have had signs I was into this when I still was little. From my fascination with the Tom and Jerry episode "Baby Puss" to the fact that as a kid I was always acting really hard to seem grown up, it's clear to me now I was simply compensating. I found out about what a AB/DL was though some fan art in my early teens and ever since then I have been fascinated. I recently turned 18 so I can finally join sites such as this to talk about my interests.

    As far as my interest in all this goes I like it in both sexual and non-sexual ways. I'm very submissive when it comes to the bedroom which is the main sexual element of this.The idea of having someone have complete control over me and taking care of me is rather exciting, as is the humileation aspects. However I am also comforted by being cared for and babyish stuff in general. For example I have a number of sleepers all of which I love and find great comfort from.

    In an ideal world me living out my fantasies would be coming home from work every day to a loving girlfriend or wife who is accepting of the fact that when at home I would love nothing more than to snuggle up with her in a diaper and sleeper and watch some good movies.

    Outside of AB/DL stuff I'm a student in college at the moment and hoping to be attending university next year to study Sociology. In my free time I draw, read, volunteer, listen to music,play games on steam and roleplay. Speaking of roleplay I would love to try some ab/dl style roleplay who anyone who can write at leats a few paragraphs per post.

    So hello and if you want to know more about me feel free to ask and if you would like to roleplay just message me.

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    Hello Cat and welcome to the group.

    This is a very informative introduction.

    Again welcome to the group.

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    Hi and welcome to the forums. Nice job on the intro.

    Like you I find diapers to be both a sexual and comfort thing. While I knew I had a fetish for them since I was small (though of course as a young child I didn't know what a fetish was), I just discovered the soothing aspects about 11 months ago.

    I also like to read and draw occasionally. I also volunteer but won't be able to again until after Christmas due to my seasonal job.

    Anyway, welcome again to the community.

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    You're not the only one who was taken with that particular T & J cartoon, nor are you alone in loving sleepers. (I love mine too, ir's open-footed, perfect for wearing hiking boots at diaper camp. I love the functionality of my diaper shirt too, for keeping everything where it's supposed to be.)

    Speaking of camp, I am quite pleased to tell you we have more than one lady show up, and naturally, at least one of every sexual preference and gender identity, including trans. Babyfurs, diaperfurs, hot meals. Happy times.

    So sociology, huh? I like it too.

    So I feel you are owed a cat song, I haven't posted this one yet on Adisc, but I did find a version with lyrics, and very good lyrics they are too.

    On a morning from a Bogart movie
    In a country where they turn back time

    Note that the song is about romance but while there's a girl involved, there's no mention of the gender of her partner.

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    Hey Cat, welcome to ADISC. It's great that you sound so confident about your identity at 18!

    Like you, I've had an interest in nappies and ABDL stuff since I was pretty young, but I didn't really realise I was gay until after I was 20.

    Here's hoping you meet someone special who you can share this side of yourself with.

    Personally I'm very lucky - my boyfriend is a lovely guy who's totally fine with my ABDL side. Though it's not something he's really into himself, he's happy to let me snuggle up to him while wearing, and I'm happy to just be accepted by him for who I am.

    Anyway, hope you have a good time here

    ~ Puppyluvs

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