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    Cool New online Daddy

    I have just become an online Daddy and need some ideas,how do you punish baby ideas what baby must do for daddy anything that will help.I am in the UK and my baby girl in the US could you tell me shops that baby can buy her clothes she is a petite size names of baby goods availiable in the US.How do I get baby to eat din dins and her enjoy it,lots of questions.

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    It's nice that you've found someone to share this with, even if they are online. To me, it appears that you may be jumping the gun a bit to identify as a daddy when you are in such a quandary as to what that entails. One thing it doesn't entail is needing to buy things for your little one. It's a completely natural urge in this dynamic but you're presumably both adults, and while gifts are nice, it's not your obligation to foot the bill for this relationship.

    Practically, I would suggest talking more with her about what she's looking for in this relationship, and perhaps more importantly (if you don't already) getting to know her well as a person rather than just a persona. My caregiving relationship grew out of an existing friendship and I think having that kind of grounding is important to avoid the too frequent boom/bust cycle of online caregiving relationships. I hope this will be the start of something lasting and meaningful for you both rather than a fling.
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