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Thread: ABDLStruck is so great!

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    Default ABDLStruck is so great!

    I'm this close to double posting this also in the AB subforum.

    oh my god how did you even find this blog

    even though I'm gay I've enjoyed this blog.
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    are you kidding me? this is amazing! not only are there other people who like homestuck and diapers, but also I now have access to this tumblr. heheheh

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    Actually I found out about Homestuck through ABDLstuck. Can't say I'm a hardcore homestuck fan, but I am a ABDLstuck fan. definitely. Such a good mix of "realisic" embarrassment and cute diapered goodness, they actually feel like real world ABDL's.

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    I am an absolutely huge fan of homestuck and diapers, so this made my diddly darn month. homestuck has only one more update before it's done forever. It's almost certainly going to be on 4-13, so you could catch up if you wanted! the story just gets better and better as it goes (although yes it is something like 7000-9000 pages plus videos and games).
    *goes over to abdlstuck*

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