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Thread: had a somewhat uncomfortable experience

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    Default had a somewhat uncomfortable experience

    hello all,

    sorry to ask this...
    i've had a somewhat uncomfortable experience...

    i'm used to coffee but not the strong dark one's...

    i'm as you know IC but only bladder, and i've had after drinking the strong coffee a unexpected heavy bm... i felt it coming but i couldnt hold it... so quite embarrising...
    my biggest luck was i was in a thick diaper so no one knew or dectected the smell... thank god for that

    does anyone has experience with strong coffee being laxative???

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    Default had a somewhat uncomfortable experience

    Yes, coffee is known to have a laxative effect on some people - or more precisely, it makes your intestines move things along as if you had just eaten a big meal:

    I don't know where they came up with that "1000kcal meal" number, but the general idea seems sound. Another study showed that decaf coffee has some of this effect also, so it's not just the caffeine, it's some other component of the coffee also.

    I guess the upshot of this for you is, try to limit how much coffee you drink per day when around people. Or maybe switch to tea; I didn't see any research showing that regular tea has this effect.

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    thanks Plutoid,

    i'm already limiting my coffee take in... but this wasnt expected..

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    Not sure of the cause of your urinary incontinence, but it could be that makes you predisposed to control issues with your bowel. If so, caffeine might be a good thing to avoid.

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    Caffeine in coffee and soda has a diuretic effect on the body
    so don't go over board on either and make sure to wear protection just incase.

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    Coffee and its bowel stimulating effect are a running joke on pretty much any sitcom Chuck Lorre does, especially Two and a Half Men. And yes, it does work.

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    Yes, it certainly has that effect on myself as well, although I rarely suffer an unexpected BM after drinking it, but it has "set me off" to the point where I never made it on a few occasions. Those days it is good to be diapered!

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    Well I LOVE Coffee... especially the good stuff

    However due to my IC I've learned to "avoid" it as much as possible.
    But I've found, that probably because I only rarely really enjoy my coffee... that usually when I've had like two strong ones I really need rush to the toilet pretty quickly for a BM.
    Never had a #2 accident because of this though.

    but yes, coffee has known laxative qualities to it...

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    I must be lucky then as I cant drink coffee, it upsets my stomach.
    If I am ever daft enough to drink some it seems to set in my insides and it makes me feel bloated, I will not eat untill I feel better, that can be upto 12 hours later.

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    it happens to me also after drinking coffee

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