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    Default GF found out

    So me and my gf have been together for a year in a half. 6 months into the relationship she was looking up porn websites on my computer and saw diaper stuff but just asked what's this? And I played it off. then around 10 months she found a pic of girl in a diaper tied down on my computer and I played it off as extreme bondage. Her exact words were "really? A diaper? Why a diaper?" So I figured she was weirded out and I'd never tell.

    Well a couple months ago I told a girl who I went to college with that I am friends with about ABDL and gave her my FetLife account thru Facebook. Well GF saw the messages and looked it up and flipped out. It was either explain everything about my fetish or she was done.

    So I explained I liked diapers and only wearing a little but love when girls wear them. She was very curious and accepting though to my surprise. Me being 22 and her being 24. Thought she would think different. I told her about my stash of diapers hidden in my garage then moved them into my closet. In the process of moving thought id just put a Bellissimo on before coming in and she heard and came out to watch. I'd tried to hide it and she said dont, so I walked around in just the diaper and tshirt for an hour before she had class. Cuddled in bed but she didnt touch the diaper and even kissing. I even wet infront of her and she noticed right away.

    We talked that night and she said she would have no problem trying and is going to try. Just needs to ease into. I've been so eager since its only been a few days and pushed a little to much the past few nights and she said to let her just want to do it, reassuring she will try soon. Doubt she will like it but she has been reading on it and will try it for me atleast. I've been wanting to wear nonstop since, its all I can think about right now! It's so surreal and truly a dream come true as I've wore since I was 8-9 for fun!

    As a 100% submissive.. Is there a chance she will like them? How often will she really wear or feel comfortable letting me wear? Anyone with a non abdl spouse who participates for you with any insight? I don't wear all the time, just a day maybe 2 a week..

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    well that was quite a read lol.

    Let me just say, I'm married (5 years tomorrow actually), and when I first told my wife, she was totally cool with it and gave it a shot and everything, very similar to how your story is, i was a bit pushy too... but dont let it get to your head. She is willing now, and you have to move slowly, but be prepared for her not to like it.. My wife doesnt like it AT ALL, she doesn't participate in it, she doesnt talk about it, she doesnt change me or diaper me or baby me or anything. As for her being comfortable with letting you wear... that should be a no brainer.. its something you like to do that is harmless to both of you, considering you dont let it run your relationship. If she has trouble simply accepting you as a DL then its either time to talk or time to get out, its not worth the trouble of arguing for years with someone who isnt going to listen, of course, keep in mind that this is only if she DOESNT accept it, if she does well then good for you ^_^.

    My wife is 100% submissive too by the way, so dont let that be any sort of indicator. Honestly I'd say you've arrived at your location too slow but are getting to know the town too fast.. Just the fact that you wore nothing but a diaper and a t-shirt AND wet on the first time and she was ok with it, that was probably nothing short of risky... because wearing a diaper is one thing, but wetting it is another thing entirely. (i know to us its common sense but to others, you'd be surprised how many people think they are just for aesthetic purposes).

    When i say you arrived at your destination slow, i say it because this is something you probably shouldve told her LONG ago >_> i told my wife 3 months into our relationship because i didnt want her to be with me if she was gonna have trouble accepting something so harmless. That being said, she was fine with it at first.. but she made the mistake of thinking it was a "phase" or something i would grow out of... BE SURE that your gf understands that this is NOT the case... or it will cause years of arguing and misunderstanding and will lead nowhere... I know because it happened to me. I fought with my wife for 3 years about my abdl habits.. many different aspects of it... it wasnt until last year that she learned to let it go and let it be. You have to control your urges either way because if you don't you are going to push her away... think of it as a career, you've wanted it since you were 8 or 9, but if you were interning at a hospital or recording studio... you cant barge in and say "LET ME OPERATE!!! LET ME CREATE A SONG!!" because they will easily become annoyed and want nothing to do with you, think of this as the same thing. Treat it delicately and have patience or else you're going to push her out the door.

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    Thank you for that, I'm going to try and leave it alone now. There have been many good signs. I told her its apart of me and always has and will be and she understands. She's studying to become a social worker and said this is right up her alley of what she will be working with? So she has many questions and has been doing research and says how interesting it is and she wants to figure out why I like diapers. Hopefully it doesn't wear off.

    My idea is to incorporate diapers with things she likes slowly... She loves bondage so if I can slide diapers into that mix and other things she likes, hopefully it will make her think of pleasure and happiness and good memories by wearing a diaper. Just a theory right now that hopefully plays out, tho I understand doubtful.

    I brought a few diapers to her house yesterday but she ended up not feeling like it. When I went to leave and she saw me moving them in my bag she asked why I was taking them and that I should leave them.
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    Ok so update: We had some drinks and watched the new Hunger Games and when we got back to the house she said "we need to do something, grab the diapers and play out your fantasy." so i put a ABU super dry on her and she put a ABU cushie (which i wont buy again) on me and in short... we did it. And after we did it she said put me in whatever you want me to sleep in. So i put one on her and she put a Bambino Bellissimo on me cause she likes the two tabs and we cuddled all night.

    In the morning before she got up i wet the Bellissimo twice and it was very full. She woke up and noticed, saying you need to change that your going to get diaper rash! But i didnt for awhile until she took her diaper that she didnt use off and said get out of that soaking one before it leaks and put this on, so i cleaned the house and hung out with her all day in just a diaper and tshirt again and she was completely fine with it, asking me did i like it and do i want to do it more?

    Although when i asked do you like it? she said its not something she would ever dream about doing or do on her own. But she doesnt mind it and will do whatever for me since its harmless and just a diaper.

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    Don't get ahead of yourself and take it sliw. It is a slim chance it sounds that you could wear almot 24/7 around her.

    But I'm happy for you and wish you luck.

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    Since ive told her ive been wearing everyday which i used to only wear once or twice a week. Ive hidden it the past 3-4 days but why am i wanting to wear so much now? is it just who i am and i finally feel comfortable that i dont have to hide it?

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    That's awesome. All the same.. take it slow. You're just overly excited that you can share and be yourself without fear or ridicule. It really is freeing… but if you overdo it - you'll def. spook or worry her.

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    The funny thing is every time i ordered diapers she would beat me to my house to see the box and always ask what was in the box and i would just play it off as car parts or clothes. i just did a count and im at 10 Bellissimos, 5 abu super drys, 4 abu cushies... i want to order more but she thinks i have enough with that supply.. i should probably wait till i run out shouldnt i? or atleast till the black friday sales for bambino/abu kick in? i know she will look at the boxes now since i told her what they were... what will go thru her head? what should i do?

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    Well with what we are into being diapers . Some times I go over board always looking for a better diaper.
    Some of us buy plastic pants diapers it can get out of hand at times kinda like girls buying shoes or clothing .
    For me its ab clothing . But now I dont make much so Not buying much if anything any more.

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