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    Alright so how's life going with all you DF,AB,etc I'm pretty much new to this site and don't know how active it is which is what I want. Now I don't know about registration but I had an old old account before hand and never really used it and don't remember it and don't feel like being pushed to remember it or anything so I decided to make a new account and start using the site. I hope this doesn't bother anyone here because you know how it is when you can't remember something that's like from 2 years ago ^^ I think I had an account named FurryBabyTeen or some crap like that PARDON language I have a habit of swearing sometimes if you also have issues I will tone it down a little. Now well to introduce my self I pretty much have an Alien like life where I roam and do what ever it is I please kinda like a Nights unless I'm on the interwebs. Now let's see an introduction well I am very friendly hyper and energetic and childish for my age and wanna stay that way. I love being a furry and all that good stuff and love or want to wear diapers ^^ I hope you guys accept me here and I hope we become good friends I do and don't have friends like I used to anymore. (Removed)... I'm pretty much hoping this site is active WAHOO!!!
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    helo and welcome back to adisc soniczero. i hope you enjoy being here with the adisc crew ok.

    im sure that if you have questions and stuff there will be peopl on here that can help you with those things.

    do you think you can tell us a bit more about yourself ? such as hobbies you lieor favorite sports teams and the such !!

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