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Thread: weird dreams and connecting with other people...

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    Default weird dreams and connecting with other people...

    Hey, long time since i've written on here, but... well, I think the rest of my post will do the talking:

    I'm guessing I'm not the only one who has had strange dreams relating to wearing. But last night's was weirder than usual.

    It wasn't so much the content or the fact that - in my dreams - i found myself resignedly revealing what I'm into to a close friend of mine that made it weird; I'm past shame and all that malarchy. It's the feeling that I woke up with and that has haunted my whole day that's really playing on my mind...
    In the dream I think I must have just left some kind of AB/DL convention/meetup thing and bumped into various friends along the way. Apparently I was wearing nappies and hadn't put much effort into concealing this.
    What I got a sense of though, was how sad it was that I couldn't really share any of the experience of being AB/DL with anyone. I've always been very private about such things and - even though I'm no longer ashamed, even though i've worn in front of my partner and she's cool with it - it's still not something I really want to share with others... maybe even other AB/DLs (and, no offence, its nothing personal - it just feels wrong; not 'morally wrong' or something ... more like trying to put two odd jigsaw pieces together wrong). I think, partly, i'm afraid of other people feeling the same as I do... strange.
    And in spite of all this, I've carried this feeling at the back of my head throughout the day that I'm out in the cold somehow... I don't know what I want. Yes, I'm very much DL and, no, I have no intention of stopping; I accept it as part of who I am... But it's like this giant, silent slither of my emotional life is in the dark; and today, more than usual, I'm noticing that.

    I guess I had to just write it down here. Maybe the feeling will fade again. maybe not. It felt like the right thing to do...

    So yeah, odd topic, but thoughts and discussion all welcome.


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    This doesn't seem strange to me at all. I don't recall ever having a sense of longing to share ABDL activities with others. It was something that was very personal and I had a long time to develop it as a singular, private thing. Even after joining up here and making friends and meeting them, I don't think I had an urge to share the experience itself.

    Eventually, I had been around enough other people wearing diapers that I began to really see that while I had my own take on things, it was also something we shared, and it was okay to do more than just talk about it. This slowly percolating notion led to me offering to do caretaking for a friend and I became so comfortable with him that any sense of otherness with regard to ABDL with him evaporated.

    I'm now more comfortable sharing this than I was, and while I have no desire to be comfortable enough to walk down the street in just a diaper and onesie, I think that I could still stand to be more open. I think you may find that if you spend time socially with other ABDLs, you may also come to this point. It's worth the trip.

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    Thanks, yeah I think that gives some perspective to it. It's something that i need to keep thinking on ... I feel like we need our own ABDL language or something!

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