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Thread: would you be ok with it too?

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    Default would you be ok with it too?

    well theres something i must confess. lately ive been wearing 24/7 due to the fact ive been having trouble controling my bladder. now i only have to wear at night because of my nightmares i have that make me wet the bed, now im starting to have to wear during the day. most the time i dont even realize im wetting my diapers. to be honest if i lose complete control of my bladder i would not mind at all, as long as i still have control over my bowel movements. other than that i could live without having to use a potty again. ive tried going out in underwear, usaully ends with a puddle most the time. ive tried controling my bladder ended with the same result so i didnt push the issue any further, and am ok with becoming urinary incontinent. if this happened to you would you be ok with it?

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    It would be difficult, but if I knew I had to wear diapers so that I don't get other things wet or messy it wouldn't be for personal benefit anymore, but for knowing that I'm well covered.

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    well i dont think it would be a problem for me. i admit it would take some getting used to i guess but other than that. i dont think it would bother me too much.

    i currently wear 24/7 indors at home anyways. so i guess it would also give me the exscuse im looking for to take it to 24/7 outside of home as well.

    so most likely , yeah id be fine with it after i had gotten used to it.

    when im at home i dont really know im wearing till it comes ot the point where i have to change. im very much used to wearing at home
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    Ordinarily I would be cool with it, but since I'm trying to get into the air force, that would not be good at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeftLeppard View Post
    Ordinarily I would be cool with it, but since I'm trying to get into the air force, that would not be good at all.
    trying to get in usaf would not be easy or a good idea if you had urinary incontinence.

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    I'm pretty sure any kind of incontinence or even current bedwetting makes you ineligible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeftLeppard View Post
    I'm pretty sure any kind of incontinence or even current bedwetting makes you ineligible.
    having bedwetting isshues eans u cant join the USAF ?

    why ?

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    Having lived with IC issues so far for 34 years I can say that I can "cope easily" - but I am definitely not "OK" with it.
    It's a tad complex... most of the time my IC isn't going to get in my way and I've put a LOT of effort into how I handle this part of my life, so that it does NOT create any hinderances on my road.
    Most of the time I've come to "terms" with it... I know it's not going away with current medical options - but I still keep looking if something comes up that would rid me of it.

    Now there are times when IC is a true pain in the arse and well, I have no alternative but to deal with it in whatever possible way.
    Traveling for example ... I LOVE being on the road... I love traveling with my backpack... and I've developed a system / combination of products / that allows me to do so with only minimal additional luggage. But it's definitely far from "CONVENIENT". In such moments I do "envy" those who don't have to bother with IC & the related products.
    There are a few moments throughout my average week where my IC comes in as a bit of a nuisance to say so.

    Well as I've said, I've learned how to deal with it after a fashion that works well for my lifestyle (I'm very active)....

    But given a CHOICE: I'd throw IC and the related products "out of the window" any day.
    If tomorrow a medical option comes along that would rid me of it, even if at a high price, I'd go for it without much of a second thought.

    So whilst I have come to accept that it's - at least for now - a part of myself, a part that I CAN deal with... I will never just "accept" it and say "that's it... IC for life".
    Even though, arguably it probably is for life, I'll never give up the hope, I'll never give up looking for a REAL solution and not just a remedial fix (diapers, pads, etc).

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    Well for one, boot camp would be hell as everyone (yes everyone!) would know you wore diapers, and the training instructors would never let you live it down. And two, it becomes a logistical nightmare supplying you with what would be ( by our standards) inferior padding. After basic training you get a dorm so it wouldnt be as big of a deal, but it would still be hell.....

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    i get you point leppard.

    that would be very difficult i guess. especially for someone like me who can not take critisism very well.

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