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Thread: recovering corrupt dvd

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    Default recovering corrupt dvd

    Looking for tools/help/direction to recover dvd video.

    Ubuntu or Vista, preferrably cheap/free

    Here's the deal: I was recording the Bears-Ravens game on a standalone dvd recorder, knowing that my son was going to miss the game. (over-the-air signal, not that that matters). I stopped the recording when they suspended play due to weather. Restarted when they did a couple hours later. Shortly thereafter, the machine's panel display showed a generic error message, probably due to a weather-related power glitch. I shut it down and restarted. Everything looked like it was working normally. At the end of the game I stopped recording again. Restarted recording again for the postgame, seeing that I had space left.

    On finalizing the disc, I noticed that I had the first quarter, and the postgame, but not the middle section. Looking at the free space left, the data for the whole game should be there. Opening it in my computer, it looks like some info files for the middle section are missing.

    I don't play with video much, so I know next to nothing about video formats and tools. I'm looking for suggestions on tools or direction to possibly recover the rest of the game so Maxx junior can see what might turn out to be a pivotal game in our Bears season.

    Not critical enough that I want to drop a lot of coin, I'm looking at this as a possible introductory learning experience re: computers and video.

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    I don't know much about this (but it piqued my curiosity!). I just did a web search and the first result looks like the kind of thing you might be looking for:

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    Update: there is no update (yet)

    Investigated a few possibilities. No useful freeware found, a couple my antivirus choked on. Isobuster seemed promising, except that the trial version had the functions I needed disabled, full version at $39.95 is more than the project is worth. Worse, the trial version messed up my browser with a toolbar and hijacked my homepage, even though I unchecked those boxes on install. Yes, I went back to a restore point and ran a virusscan to make sure it didn't perform other nasties.

    I'll update if I do find anything useful, but its backburner for now, as the Rams are up tomorrow. Hopefully as the Bears' next victim.

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    Apologies to coming to this topic late. But if you are still looking for ideas, I would look into linux file carving tools. May be worth dipping your toe into that if you are interested in learning something new. But i don't know what your level of skills are at, with running esoteric code. This wiki may give you some ideas

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    First you need to get a good read of the dvd without dying on errors, use dvdisaster (or gddresuce, maybe). Then you can start to work with the resulting iso.

    Surprisingly, in order to recover a MPEG video you can simply split the iso into 1mb parts and look at their headers to find the ones you need. Default unix console apps will do the job. split, to, well, split into 1mb chunks, grep for MPEG in their headers to find the relevant ones and afterwards join them using cat. If still needed I could take a closer look at that again.

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