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Thread: Scoring diapers on the move

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    Default Scoring diapers on the move

    Has anyone been able to locate a supply of quality diapers when you're not sure where you'll be from one day to the next? This in itself puts ordering online out of the question. I've been investigating every small independent pharmacy near my 2 temporary bases I've been migrating between, only to yield a bag of First Quality mediums I paid too much for at a 'medical supply' store in downtown San Bernardino. Currently I'm in southern LA county and have yet to turn up anything other than what I might find at local thrift stores if they haven't been bought up already. I would Site-to-store from Walmart or Staples if I could be certain I'd be in that location long enough to wait for the delivery to go through,and that I wouldn't be stuck with a bag of undersized cloth-backed Kleenexes if I ordered at Staples

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    Is getting a PO box or having something delivered to a UPS store or something similar is an option?

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    some places will let you ADDRESS it to the depot, if you don't have a permanent address. As a bonus, you know it's going to get held for pickup and not "accidentally delivered" somewhere you don't want it to.

    Just make sure both the sender and the depot are OK with this before you do it.

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