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    Anyone know of any diapers that are easily hidden and don't crinkle much, it'd be appreciated if you'd help me. Please help me out if you can.
    Thank you!

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    I wear Tena Supers with an insert when I go out for the day shopping and what not, never been outed, or asked anything to do with my apparel, so can't be too noticeable, no crinkle either since they are cloth-like material.

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    Depends Real Fit pull-ons don't crinkle. They are very discreet.

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    I do love the Depends Real Fit, but you wouldn't want to plan to pee too much in them. Any cloth backed one is going to be silent. And just wear jeans a size bigger in a dark color and ones that fit at the waist and you will probably never be noticed.

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    I would recommend attends slip. Plastic backed but the wings are fabric. Totally silent under clothes. Makes hardly any noise without any clothes.

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    Pretty much any of the cloth backed, non-ABDL diapers, because they're mass market items and designed for stealth - that and the fact that most people don't care, won't notice and don't want to know you're wearing diapers. I wear Tranquility Smartcore diapers all the time and they're quite stealthy, but so is just about anything from Tena's lineup.

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    Personally, I think Tranquility is a great diaper. It absorbs a lot but the plastic gets very loud. I like wearing a Tena Stretch for stealth. They are pretty absorbent for the money. They are cloth backed so they don't really crinkle a lot under clothes. And they have one big stretchy tab per side like a pampers cruisers so they are easy to change in public.

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    Pretty much any of the cloth backing, i agree. Wearing layers will help cut down noise as well, ive noticed most people dont pay attention and chances are your the only one who really hears it, unless its super quiet in the area your in. But thats my opinion

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